Google's Latest Update on Google Crawlers Google's Latest Update on Google Crawlers

What Are Google Crawlers?

Google crawlers, also known as Googlebot or Google Spiders, are automated programs used by Google to discover and index web pages on the internet systematically. These crawlers collect information about websites and add them to Google’s search index, enabling users to find relevant search results when they enter a query.

Googlebot works by following links from one page to another, scanning the content of web pages, and storing the information it finds in Google’s vast database. It uses complex algorithms to determine the relevance and quality of the pages it crawls, considering factors such as keywords, meta tags, page structure, and user experience.

By constantly crawling the web, Googlebot helps keep Google’s search index up to date, ensuring that new web pages are discovered and added and outdated or removed pages are removed from the index. It allows Google’s search engine to deliver accurate and timely search results to users when they conduct searches.

Types of Google Crawlers.

Google has classified the following crawler types on their Googlebot page:

Googlebot – The primary crawler used for Google’s search offerings. Google assures that this crawler always adheres to the rules defined in robots.txt.

Specific-instance crawlers – Crawlers designed for particular purposes (like AdsBot), which may or may not comply with robots.txt regulations.

User-initiated fetchers – Tools and functionalities in which a user triggers a request. For instance, Google Site Verifier responds to user requests, and specific Google Search Console tools prompt Google to fetch a page based on user actions.”

What is new?

Here is the section of the page that was updated; the rest of the page is mostly unchanged.

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