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Shark Tank judge's response to scathing Goenkas tweet about his firm's losses

Many internet users responded to Mr Mittal’s tweets by demanding his real figures.

Industrialist Harsh Goenka regularly posts motivational and uplifting content for his fans and followers on social media. However, this time he posted a tweet about Shark Tank India judges and their businesses, claiming that most of their businesses are losing money. He said that whenever he “thinks about sharks,” he associates it with the Hollywood movie “Jaws” and bloodshed. founder and Shark Tank judge Anupam Mittal is now responding to the chairman of RPG Group calling his data “biased and incomplete”.

Mr. Goenka tweeted a screenshot of the profits of the judge-led companies in the Shark Tank competition for the fiscal year 2022. Only Aman Gupta’s company, BoAt, made a profit of Rs 7.9 crore, the data claims. CarDekho founder Amit Jain posted a loss of Rs 2.46 crore for the financial year, while Peyush Bansal’s Lenskart posted a loss of Rs 1.02 crore. It further showed that, founded by Anupam Mittal, reported a loss of Rs 270 crore, while Sugar Cosmetics, led by Vineeta Singh, posted a loss of Rs 750 crore. Mr Goenka tweeted alongside the image: “I love the show #SharkTankIndia, I think it’s a great platform for our budding entrepreneurs. But whenever I think of sharks, I think of the movie Great White Sharks and Bleeding!”

To this, Mr Mittal responded, “I know you’re joking, so with all due respect, sir, I think you’re reacting to what appears to be superficial, biased and incomplete data. It’s a pleasure to report to the firm People learn, but just to clarify, just like you, sharks don’t bleed, we bleed blue blood and that’s why we do what we do.”

Many internet users responded to Mr Mittal’s tweets by demanding his real figures. “Respect to Anupam, can you share complete and truthful stats for your fans. Even if I don’t agree with the bloodshed,” one user said.

“Remove all doubts and give @hvgoenka full and accurate numbers to prove him wrong,” the second added.

Apparently, #SharkTankIndia is a show for judging and shaming profitable entrepreneurs by huge loss-making entrepreneurs, another user said. “

Many netizens also stood up to support “Shark” and said that he gave a “very good reply”.

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