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Biryani is the first choice for Indians to order food online.We say so firmly because the recent Zomato report It was revealed that biryani is the most ordered dish in 2022 and the year before. Even Swiggy confirmed that chicken biryani will be the most ordered dish in 2022 for the seventh year in a row. generally, 137 biryanis are ordered every minute! So when a Mumbai girl picks up her phone to order food, she immediately chooses biryani. But in her drunken state, she accidentally ordered it from another state. What happened next is very interesting.

Apparently a drunk girl from Mumbai ordered biryani from Meghana Foods, Bangalore Missed the restaurant order and it cost her 2500 INR. Upon realizing this, she was delighted to find that her order had been taken. She took a screenshot of the order and shared it on Twitter. “Am I drunk ordering 2500 INR worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore?” the girl with the username @subii captioned the post.
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Check out the twitter post:

Published on Saturday, January 21, 2021, this post has so far been viewed 487,700 times and received lots of comments, including from Zomato. “Subii, once the order is delivered to your door, you will have a pleasant hangover. Please let us know about the experience,” commented Zomato.

Other users were amused by this post. Some of them asked how Zomato took orders, and the food delivery app took that as an opportunity to introduce “Zomato Legends,” an intercity delivery service.

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Later, when @subii received her order, she even shared a photo of her meal, which included biryani, salan, raita and chips. She jokingly wrote, “Best decision ever @zomato where is my paycheck?”

Here is the post:

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Have you tried the newest intercity food delivery service from food delivery apps in India? How is your experience? Share it with us in the comments below.

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