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2nd ODI Live: Eyes of India series, vs. New Zealand in Raipur.© AFP

IND vs NZ, second ODI live updates: Mohammed Shami took three wickets, Hardik Pandya and Washington Sundar took two, while Mohammed Siraj and Shardul Thakur took one each as New Zealand struggled. Earlier, India skipper Rohit Sharma won the toss and opted to bowl with New Zealand in Raipur. After narrowly winning by 12 points in the series opener, India will now look to take a clear 2-0 lead. The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Cricket Stadium hosts its first international match. In the first ODI, Shub Mangil Entering the bicentenary has laid the foundation for India to win. After opting to bat first, India struck a stunning 349/8 after Gill’s 208 overs.In response, New Zealand moved closer to the target thanks to Michael BracewellThe quickfire century (140), but was knocked out at 337. (live scorecard)

India: Rohit Sharma (captain), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ishan Kishan (week), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

new Zealand: Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Tom Latham (capt. & wk), Glenn Phillips, Michael Bracewell, Mitchell Santner, Henry Shipley, Blair Tickner, Lockie Ferguson

Here are the live score updates for the second ODI match between India and New Zealand directly from Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Cricket Stadium

  • 16:01 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: WICKET!

    Washington Sander has trapped Glenn Phillips. Sudar kept short and closed outside. Phillips tried to pull the ball but failed to clear Suryakumar Yadav deep in the mid-wicket.

  • 15:55 (standard time)


    Hardik Pandya beat Mitchell Santner and New Zealand are now seven points behind. It was the second wicket for the Indian all-rounder.

  • 15:49 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: The counterattack has begun!

    The partnership between Mitchell Santner and Glenn Phillips is slowly making its way to 50 and New Zealand is fighting back.

  • 15:40 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: 90 UP FOR NZ!

    Mitchell Santner and Glenn Phillips steadied the ship on back-to-back boundaries over Kuldeep Yadav. With 28 overs, New Zealand conceded six wickets for a score of 95.

  • 15:24 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: So close yet so far away!

    Another chance for Kuldeep Yadav to get the ball, but the spinner couldn’t finish the catch! The ball came back hard, and although he was able to control it at first, it bounced out of his hands!

  • 15:20 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Take a break!

    New Zealand took a breather as their ODI totals were over the floor. New Zealand was sent off for 64 points against Pakistan in 1986. Against India, New Zealand’s lowest score came in 2016, when they went all out with 79 runs.

  • 15:12 (standard time)


    Mitchell Santner fumbled but Rohit Sharma couldn’t catch the ball despite diving to the right. Kuldeep Yadav was the only Indian bowler without a wicket in the game and it looked like he would have to wait a little longer.

  • 15:05 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: SHAMI strikes again!

    Shami’s bodyguard and danger man, Michael Bracewell, left. The ball came from the faintest edge and Ishan Kishan made no mistake behind the stumps. New Zealand’s seventh wicket!

  • 14:55 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: BRACEWELL strikes back!

    There was finally a confident boundary in Michael Bracewell – the cricketer who impressed everyone in the first ODI. He steps forward and hits the ball out of bounds through the screen. New Zealand 42/5

  • 14:51 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Statistics Attack!

    15/5 – This is New Zealand’s lowest score in history after conceding five wickets. Incidentally, it was also the lowest score scored by any side after conceding five wickets in an ODI against India.

  • 14:42 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Another damsel is over!

    Hardik Pandya and New Zealand scored just two runs apiece on their second debut. Both batsmen have taken an extremely safe approach so far, though, unwilling to take any risks. New Zealand 28/5

  • 14:35 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Borders welcome!

    Two boundaries for Glenn Phillips and one boundary for Michael Bracewell! New Zealand got off to a disappointing start to the ongoing campaign, but with Bracewell at the crease to start the last game, fans must be hoping for a solid innings.

  • 14:26 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: NZ 5 down!

    A slight outside edge, and that’s where Captain Tom Latham ends. Shardul Thakur soon joined the party as Shubman Gill made his second catch. NZ 15/5 after 10.3 points.

  • 14:23 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: PANDYA strikes!

    Hardik Pandya’s brilliant catch made everything go wrong for New Zealand. New Zealand didn’t have a batsman over 10, with Devon Conway becoming the latest to lose a wicket. NZ 15/4 after 10 rounds.

  • 14:15 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Bad start for New Zealand!

    10 for losing three wickets after eight overs – a poor start for New Zealand. The hitters looked powerless against the tempo offense, which could be bad news for the visitors as the game progresses.

  • 14:06 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: SHAMI’s second scalp!

    Grab and hit the ball! Mohammed Shami probably did something wrong as he sacked Daryl Mitchell with just 1 point. The batsman made a mistake and Shami pulled off an impressive bounce catch to take his second wicket of the match.

  • 14:01 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: It’s SIRAJ time!

    Mohammed Siraj joins the party and things are getting worse in New Zealand! The long bowling by the fast bowler and Henry Nicholls ended up passing the ball straight to Shubman Gill on the first miss!

  • 13:55 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: NZ can’t do anything!

    The New Zealand batsmen have struggled against the impressive fast bowling performances of the Indian Pacers. Both Henry Nicholls and Devon Conway are wary of their approach, but the lack of running backs will add significantly to the pressure on the duo.

  • 13:47 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: A disciplined show!

    Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj bowled very well as the New Zealand batsmen couldn’t get them to score. It’s been a disciplined performance so far, as New Zealand win 5/1 after 3 rounds.

  • 13:38 (standard time)


    Mohammed Shami was able to take the first wicket of the game early and he didn’t concede a run in what was a brilliant start for India. The ticket gate girl who was rarely seen at the beginning of the encounter!

  • 13:35 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: SHAMI strikes!

    Mohammed Shami’s delivery was fantastic. A bit of action from the fast bowlers and Finn Allen was totally hooked on the pitch. The ball hit the stumps and New Zealand went 0/1 after the first over.

  • 13:12 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: It’s the team!

    India: Rohit Sharma (capt), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ishan Kishan (week), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj

    New Zealand: Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Tom Latham (capt. & wk), Glenn Phillips, Michael Bracewell, Mitchell Santner, Henry Shipley, Blair Tickner, Lockie Ferguson

  • 13:09 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: ROHIT wins!

    Rohit won but forgot how to do it. He ultimately decided that India would bowl first.

    “There’s been talk within the team that they want to challenge themselves under the lights too, but today they decided to bowl. In all this talk, he forgot what was actually decided,” he said while taking the pitch.

    both teams remain the same

  • 12:20 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Hello!

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the second ODI between India and New Zealand in Raipur. The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Cricket Stadium will host an international match for the first time.

    The Indians eyed an unassailable lead while the New Zealanders looked to force the series into a tiebreaker.

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