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Bhagirath Bhagirath Sai claimed that Sriram had misbehaved with his classmate’s sister.

Hyderabad/New Delhi:

Yesterday, the son of Telangana BJP chairman Bandi Sanjay Kumar was charged with assaulting a classmate at a private college in Hyderabad.

After the video of the alleged sexual assault went viral, the case was registered against Mr Kumar’s son, Bandi Bhagirath Sai, according to a complaint lodged by Mahindra University, where the pair attended.

The viral video showed Bhagirath repeatedly slapping Sriram on a university campus. Another man, apparently a friend of Bhagirath’s, also attacked the student.

The second video shows Sriram being abused and beaten by Bhagirath and about five or six other students in his dormitory room. Surrounded by others, Bhagirath punched Sriram in the face. Later, others also beat the student.

Bhagirath Sai claimed that Sriram had misbehaved with his classmate’s sister, the source said.

Late last night, Sriram also posted a video in which he admitted to misbehaving with the girl.

Sriram said he sent an offensive text message to Bhagirath’s friend’s sister and also misbehaved with him when the minister’s son approached him to discuss the matter. “Bhagirath slapped me because I misbehaved with him and the girl,” he said.

Sriram claims the incident happened about two months ago, after which they reached a compromise. “This is a useless video. Please stop using it,” he said.

The state BJP chairman said it was a plot by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to settle “political grievances”.

“Students fight and mend, they should keep their kids out of politics. The complaint was made by the university at the request of the Chief Minister because he wanted to silence me,” he said.

Sergeant Ramana Reddy told NDTV they were unsure of the date of the incident. “We are investigating the complaints made by the university and the viral video,” he said.

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