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1st ODI Live: India will be confident after sweeping victory over Sri Lanka.© AFP

IND vs NZ, first ODI live updates: Shubman Gill’s powerful batting leads India to 349 in 50 overs against New Zealand in first ODI match at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad A huge total score of /8. Gill scored his first double-ton in 145 balls, becoming the youngest player to reach the milestone. He also became the fifth Indian batsman to break the 200-run mark in an ODI. For New Zealand, Daryl Mitchell and Henry Shipley took two wickets each. Earlier, Rohit Sharma won the toss and opted to bat first against New Zealand. India made three changes, with Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan and Shardul Thakur replacing KL Rahul, Axar Patel and Shreyas Iyer. (real time scorecard)

indian eleven: India: Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ishan Kishan (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami.

new zealand eleven: Tom Latham (wk/c), Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Glenn Phillips, Michael Bracewell, Henry Shipley, Mitchell Santner, Lockie Ferguson and Blair Tickner

Here are live score updates for the first ODI match between India and New Zealand, straight from the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad

  • 17:23 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: India 349/8 50 rounds

    India finished at 349/8 in 50 overs after a slam by Shubman Gill. Gill brought in his maiden double ton and helped the hosts reach a huge total. New Zealand now need 350 runs to win from 300 balls.

  • 17:22 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Out

    go out! ! New Zealand finally breathed a sigh of relief as Henry Shipley cleared Shubman Gill’s wicket. The young batsmen tried to hit a hard hit, but Glenn Phillips made a fine catch deep in the middle when Gill was off after scoring 208. The batsman’s batting was fantastic.

    IND 345/8 (49.2 points)

  • 17:17 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Gil Double Hundreds

    What a smart way to raise teenage girls 200. Shubman Gill scored a hat-trick to beat Rock Ferguson to make his debut from just 145 balls. With this, he joins the list of Sachin tendulkar, Rohit Sharma and Ishan Gill.

    IND 336/7 (48.3 points)

  • 17:12 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Back-to-back sixes

    Shubman Gill covered Shardul Thakur’s wicket perfectly and hit two back-to-back sixes off Blair Tickner’s delivery. The first was after Gill shot straight to the ground as the ball went over the fence. The second came after he pulled a shot over the deep center post.

    IND 316/7 (47.4 points)

  • 17:07 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Out

    go out! ! Another breakthrough for New Zealand came when Shardul Thakur was sent out for 3. However, confusion ensued between the two and they ended up at the non-striker’s end. Thakur sacrificed his wicket and left for 3.

    IND 302/7 (46.4 points)

  • 16:55 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Out

    go out! ! ! Another breakthrough for New Zealand came when Henry Shipley tipped Washington Sundar’s wicket out for 12. Henry Strikes Sundar’s pad as the refs knocked LBW out. India, however, took DRS but the third umpire also signaled out. The sixth wicket went to India.

    IND 292/6 (45 rounds)

  • 16:46 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Gill 150

    Shubman Gill added another feather to his cap after completing 150 runs. He hit 150 in style when he hit a huge max on Michael Bracewell’s pitch. India are now over 350 points against New Zealand.

    IND 278/5 (42.4 points)

  • 16:41 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Shubman Gill hit another boundary on Mitchell Santner’s throw. What a terrific shot Gill was, finding the gap perfectly and dropping the ball between the long and deep center for four.

    IND 267/5 (41.4 points)

  • 16:32 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Out

    what is that? Hardik Pandya got knocked out by Daryl Mitchell in a very odd way. Hardik missed the throw and bail was lit before the ball reached Tom Latham’s glove. A third referee made a decision in the New Zealander’s favour, with Hardik leaving for 28. India’s fifth wicket.

    IND 249/5 (39.4 points)

  • 16:24 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Great shot! ! ! Hardik Pandya cleverly took advantage of Lockie Ferguson’s pace and hit another boundary. Hardik shot a diagonal shot over Latham’s head after getting Ferguson’s bouncer, bouncing four points at a time.

    IND 246/4 (39 rounds)

  • 16:18 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    After a missed catch and throw, Henry Shipley was hit to a fine line by Shubman Gill. When the ball crossed the boundary rope, he threw it perfectly down the middle.

    IND 236/4 (37.4 points)

  • 16:13 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Hardik Pandya backed Shubman Gill heavily as he hit another boundary off Lockie Ferguson’s throw. Hardik took advantage of the short and wide pass well and placed the shot between third man and deep for four points.

    IND 226/4 (36.1 points)

  • 15:58 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Hardik Pandya joins the party and touches the boundary on Henry Shipley’s delivery. The ball hit the thick side, perfectly hiding Tom Latham to the third-man boundary. India are aiming to break the 300-run mark for the remainder of the match.

    IND 207/4 (33.1 rounds)

  • 15:54 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Gill 1000 ODIs

    Shubman Gill hit the boundary in Blair Tickner’s delivery and completed another brilliant run of his 1,000 ODI run. He became the fastest Indian to reach the mark (19 innings) and the second fastest player in the world.

    IND 201/4 (32.4 rounds)

  • 15:49 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Shubman Gill continued the momentum towards the Indian side with a Mitchell Santner delivery and delivered another strong boundary. When the ball beats the outfielder and crosses the boundary line, Jill makes a perfect shot into the extra bunker.

    IND 196/4 (31.5 points)

  • 15:40 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Jill’s century

    Shubman Gill singled and completed his third ODI ton with 87 balls. The young batsman notched his second consecutive hundred in ODIs. What a stroke this young man is.

    IND 184/4 (29.3 rounds)

  • 15:39 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Six

    six! ! ! Shubman Gill was unstoppable today as he broke the limits of Mitchell Santner’s pitching. Gill pulled the ball over the deep middle wicket and fired it straight into the crowd. Gill has a batting average of 99*.

    IND 183/4 (29.2 rounds)

  • 15:34 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Out

    go out! ! ! Daryl Mitchell cleared Suryakumar Yadav’s wicket in another shock for India. The batsman pulled the ball out of bounds but Mitchell Santner caught it brilliantly and Suryakumar made it 31 off. India lost their fourth wicket and Hardik Pandya was the newcomer.

    IND 175/4 (28.3 points)

  • 15:30 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Great shot by Shubman Gill. This time, Mitchell Santner was his prey as he stole another boundary from the spinner. Poor pitching by Santner and Gill took full advantage, sandwiching it over the middle wicket for a four-run.

    IND 173/3 (27.4 points)

  • 15:26 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Shub Mangill’s quality strike hit another boundary off Darryl Mitchell. Gill leans forward and shoots to the left of midfield. The ball flew past the fielder and Mitchell was furious.

    IND 164/3 (26.2 rounds)

  • 15:12 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Great shot! ! ! Shubman Gill (70*) continued his rampage and hit another boundary off Blair Tickner’s throw. Gill took a full shot between center and center and scored four. Gill was inching closer to his third ODI ton as India made good runs.

    IND 143/3 (23.2 rounds)

  • 15:06 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four

    Suryakumar Yadav beat Michael Bracewell and got the line in his delivery. Suryakumar Yadav went down on one leg and swept the square leg behind hard to steal four runs.

    IND 137/3 (22.2 rounds)

  • 14:57 (standard time)


    Lockie Ferguson’s fast pitch was five runs behind Ishan Kishan. The lefty was struggling to score and India lost their third wicket!

  • 14:52 (standard time)

    Jill turns fifty!

    Micheal Bracewell minus 6 points, Shubman Gill minus 50 points! What a hit the youngster was when he bowled his 6th ODI 50.

  • 14:44 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Nearly half a century for Gill!

    It was a patient innings for Shub Manjill as India lost two huge wickets in the form of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. However, the youngster is now just six points away from a well-deserved half-century.

  • 14:37 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Kohli is out!

    This is not what the masses want! Mitchell Santner sent the ball straight and it hit the stumps, leaving Virat Kohli stunned. Huge wicket for New Zealand after India dominated the opener.

  • 14:29 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: KOHLI is here!

    Virat Kohli’s stunning form continued as Henry Shipley’s slight push off the boundary flew off the boundary!

  • 14:28 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Gill continues!

    Wayward passes from Mitchell Santner and Shubman Gill scored a welcome boundary through beautiful legs.

  • 14:20 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: ROHIT goes away!

    India lost their first wicket as Rohit Sharma was stuck in the abyss for 34 runs! Daryll Mitchell had an easy catch as Blair Tickner struck out for New Zealand.

  • 14:10 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Jill joins the party!

    Shubman Gill got off to a slow start but he wasn’t about to let Rohit Sharma take a back seat as the youngster hit Blair Tickner’s boundary twice in a row.

  • 14:05 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Lucky Frontier!

    A thick outside edge by Rohit Sharma flew to the third-man boundary, which was unfortunate for Lockie Ferguson as there was no fielder on the second fumble. India’s Lucky Four!

  • 14:02 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: India holds steady!

    It was a solid start for India, as the openers – Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill – wanted to take minimal risk and were comfortable with a more cautious approach. IND 39/0 after 7 rounds.

  • 13:51 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Six points!

    Rohit is in charge! You don’t see a pull like this very often.all about timing

  • 13:49 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Boundaries!

    Jill tried to pull with his front foot, but his timing was wrong. Fortunately, the ball flew over the goalkeeper’s head.he will collect four runs

  • 13:42 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Pull it apart!

    Leaning over the leg, Rohit gets in the line and helps infield with a short arm pull.

  • 13:41 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four points!

    Jill put it beautifully!best field goal

  • 13:36 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Four points!

    Loose All Toss and Rohit Obligation.He’s had enough of the sight and drives it through cover four

    IND: 6/0 (0.6)

  • 13:32 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: We’re on it!

    Shipley started with a wide one. There is definitely some movement on this track.

  • 13:27 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: We’re almost there!

    New Zealand definitely poses a different challenge to India than Sri Lanka.After all they are the number one ODI team in the world

  • 13:15 (standard time)

    IND vs NZ: Kiwis set to miss key stars!

    Therefore, the New Zealanders have no Williamson, no Southey, and no Ishsodi. Trent Bolt is also not available. Looks like an exhausted team.

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