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WATCH: Pilot wins hearts by touching her dad's feet and hugging him before takeoff

Pilot Woman Takes Her Dad On Her Plane

Parents want their children to be successful in life and achieve all their dreams. Parents make sacrifices to make their children’s lives better and to help them achieve their goals. In turn, children also want to make their parents proud.

A heartwarming video of the father-daughter duo has surfaced on social media and has garnered a lot of love online. The daughter, a pilot, took her father on the plane in a video that went viral on Instagram. The video aptly captures the pilot’s bliss and unmatched joy of having Dad in flight.

The video was posted by Airbus 320 Captain Krutadnya Hale. She captioned the video, “Pilot’s daughter piloting her dad…his tears of joy…blessings before we take off I never leave home without parental blessings , sometimes I fly early in the morning and leave the house between 3 and 4 am while my parents are fast asleep, although leaving home is not complete without touching your feet.”

“His tears of joy,” reads the on-screen text in the video.

Watch the video here:

The video opens to show the pilot bowing to touch her father’s feet and asking for his blessing before taking off. She also hugged her father tightly, causing him to cry.

Since posting, the tweet has garnered more than 560,000 likes and multiple comments. Social media users loved the father-daughter relationship and poured love into the pilot. Many were also emotional, pouring out their feelings in the comments section.

One user wrote, “Love the respect she has for her father.” Another commented, “I’m so proud of you, I’m on the verge of tearing up, women like you make us so proud and give every day We are motivated!” A third said, “I don’t know why I couldn’t stop crying after seeing this video.” Another commented, “Really moved by this video! True Marathi tradition I really appreciate it inspired by this video.”

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