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Delhi man beheaded on camera, video sent to Pakistan: police

Police found traces of human blood inside the house in Bhalswa.

New Delhi:

A man allegedly killed in Delhi by two arrested terror suspects was also beheaded, police sources told NDTV. The victim has not been identified. Police recovered several body parts – including his hand, which had Tushul tattooed on it. Sources said the man, who was about 21 years old, was apparently a drug addict the pair had befriended.

Police sources said Naushad was commissioned by Naushad’s agent, Sohail, an agent of the terrorist group Harkat-ul Ansar in Pakistan, to kill the influential Hindus.

His associate, Jagjit Singh, was asked to promote the activities of the Sikh separatist group Khalistan in India, the sources said. Jagjit Singh is allegedly linked to Khalistani terrorist Arshdeep Dalla, who is currently in Canada.

Sources said the arrested man had confessed that they took the man to Naushad’s home in Bhalswa Dairy, northeast of Delhi, on December 14-15 and strangled him to death. His body was beheaded and cut into eight pieces. A 37-second video of the lawsuit was sent to Sohail, the source said.

Police found traces of human blood at the Bhalswa house while trying to determine whether the pair had committed any other targeted killings.

They are also investigating links between Khalistani terrorists and Pakistani intelligence agencies. Together, the men rented a house in Bhalswa around Diwali and both were sent to murder.

Naushad was imprisoned for a case involving murder and blackmail, where he met Sohail. In prison, he also met Arif Mohammad, a defendant in the Red Fort attack.

Naushad contacted Sohail after he traveled to Pakistan and was released from prison in April 2022, the source said.

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