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5 Indians among 10 foreigners on board plane crash in Nepal

Nepal air crash: Plane crashes on bank of Seti River.

At least five Indians were on board the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal this morning, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal confirmed in a tweet. The Nepalese airliner carrying 72 people, including 10 foreigners, crashed into a river valley when it landed at Pokhara Airport, a major tourist destination in the Himalayan country.

A twin-engine ATR 72 aircraft operated by Yeti Airlines took off from the capital, Kathmandu.

This plane crash About 20 minutes after takeoff, on the banks of the Seti River between the old and new airports, this indicated that the plane might be descending. The flight time between the two cities is 25 minutes.

According to local media reports, at least 32 bodies were found at the scene of the accident.

“We don’t know now if there are any survivors,” airline spokesman Sudarshan Battola told AFP.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyoti Ratya Sindia expressed condolences for the loss of life in the plane crash.

“It is very unfortunate to lose a life in a tragic plane crash in Nepal. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased. Om Shanti,” Mr Scindia tweeted.

The Indian embassy said it was in touch with local authorities and was monitoring the situation. It also shared helpline numbers for Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 14 tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, which has a record air crash.

The last major air disaster in Nepal occurred on May 29 when a Tara Airlines plane crashed in the Mustang area of ​​Nepal’s mountains, killing all 22 people on board, including four members of an Indian family.

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