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Six of them were responsible for PCR tasks and five were responsible for pickets.

New Delhi:

Three PCR vans and two pickets along the route where the Union Home Ministry directed Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora to haul away and kill 20-year-old Anjali Singh in the early hours of New Year’s Day A day after everyone in the squad was suspended, 11 involved officers were suspended for indifference. They are all from the Rohini district police station, which polices the Kanjhawala area outside Delhi, where the horrific incident took place.

Those suspended include two deputy inspectors, four assistant deputy inspectors, four sheriffs and a constable. Six of them were responsible for PCR tasks and five were responsible for pickets.

The home minister directed Delhi’s top police to suspend them immediately after an investigation by Delhi Police Special Commissioner Shalini Singh found the officers guilty. The ministry is also requiring murder charges to be added to First Information Reports, or FIRs.

Due to the widespread outrage and condemnation aroused by the case, forensic experts from Gujarat were called to the scene to collect evidence and samples.

A team of five forensic experts from the National University of Forensic Sciences is visiting at the request of DCP (External) Harendra K Singh, who is investigating the matter, Delhi Police said on Thursday.

Police have arrested seven people in the case – five in the immediate aftermath and two for assisting a crime.

Deepak Khanna, 26, Amit Khanna, 25, Krishan, 27, Mithun, 26, and Manoj Mittal were arrested by police on January 1, while two other men – Ashutosh and Ankush Khanna – were later arrested on suspicion of Arrested for covering up the accused.

The defendants initially said they did not hear the woman trapped under their car because the windows were closed and loud music was playing inside. However, police sources said they later admitted they knew the woman was stuck under the car but did not stop out of fear.

Anjali Singh, 20, was reportedly riding home with a friend on her scooter when a car hit her just after 2am. Her leg got caught in the front wheel of the car and she was dragged about 13km from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala in North Delhi, while her friend fell on the other side with minor injuries.

The defendant, who was allegedly intoxicated, was charged with “capable homicide not constituting murder”, reckless driving and negligence causing death.

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