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Emirates Flyer misbehaved with a female passenger in the aisle seat she paid for

Ms Sharma said the airline has not yet been in touch with her

After all sorts of unruly passenger behavior at the airline, a woman has come forward to share the ordeal she faced on an Emirates flight after a male co-passenger sex-tagged her for refusing to give up his aisle seat She paid for the discriminatory remarks.

On Twitter, a woman named Upasana Sharma shared her unpleasant experience on an Emirates flight. A man kept urging her to switch to a middle seat even though she had paid for the aisle seat. Ms Sharma, an assistant at a consulting firm, shared her ordeal in a series of tweets.

Ms Sharma recalled, “A man offered me a middle seat even though I had booked and paid for an aisle seat. When I declined, he said: ‘aap ladies ho, aap andar baith jao’. Translated into Because you are a woman, you can sit in it. Seeing that I continued to refuse, he said: “I’m drunk, so don’t blame me if you sit in the middle seat. “

In another tweet, she added, “While the crew didn’t understand everyone around me told them what he was talking about. The @emirates crew first tried to tell me to keep sitting there when I yelled no When they asked me to go up to the guy who said “don’t hold me accountable for my actions once I’m drunk”. On the @emirates side they told me they had filed a report and would be in touch , but I never heard from them. I also told them I wanted to file a formal report and was told they would be in touch.”

She added that she was given another seat but was still offered a drink for the co-passenger who was entitled to it.

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On Jan. 9, Ms. Sharma shared that the airline had yet to get in touch with her, although she had lodged a report. She wrote, “Given some attention due to this post: Just wanted to highlight that @emirates STILL has not contacted me yet. I am flying Emirates again this week and I am very anxious and scared.”

Meanwhile, Shankar Mishra, who urinated on an elderly woman on an Air India flight, was denied bail by a Delhi court. Last year, Mishra urinated on a 70-year-old woman on a flight from New York to Delhi. He was arrested from Bengaluru last week, six weeks after his egregious behaviour.

Air India has been heavily criticized for not acting quickly.

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