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They got out of the car 2 minutes after the crash and saw people trapped: Derry Police

Police sources say they have now admitted they knew the woman was trapped under the vehicle.

New Delhi:

Six men accused of beating a 20-year-old woman and dragging her 13 kilometers under a car in Delhi have been sentenced to 14 days in judicial custody. The accused was taken to the prison watch house and appeared before the Rohini court via video conference. Another accused, Ashutosh, has lodged a bail application.

Delhi Police said they were investigating the “conspiracy” and were looking into Ashutosh’s role. They added that the testimony of 20 witnesses had been recorded so far.

Police said they did not want the defendants to be remanded further by police and requested that they be placed in judicial custody.

Ashutosh had a different role, they said, adding that he was the agent for the man without a driver’s license.

Police further told the court the road was long and they had six different CCTV footage. They added that one of the photos showed the two defendants getting out of the car two minutes after the accident and seeing people trapped under the car.

They said they had drawn up a full timeline, interviewed the accused in person and found another witness. They are now using facial recognition technology to identify faces from CCTV, the court heard.

The defendants initially said they did not hear the woman trapped under their car because the windows were closed and loud music was playing inside. However, police sources say they now admit they knew the woman was stuck under the car but did not stop out of fear.

Police said they would conduct hearing tests on the accused to determine their hearing ability.

Ashutosh’s bail application will be heard tomorrow.

Anjali Singh, 20, was reportedly riding home with a friend on her scooter when a car hit her just after 2am. Her leg got caught in the front wheel of the car and she was dragged about 13km from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala in North Delhi, while her friend fell on the other side with minor injuries.

The defendant, who was allegedly intoxicated, was charged with “capable homicide not constituting murder”, reckless driving and negligence causing death.

The harrowing incident prompted police to be more proactive. Delhi Police has asked all inspectorate rank officers to share their residences while on night duty.

All Police Officers (SHO), Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATO) and Investigating Inspectors (Bravo) were also instructed to notify the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) before leaving the police station, officials said.

“SHO (Police Officers), ATO (Anti-Terrorism Officers), Bravo have been asked to share their live location. From 12 midnight to 4 am they will have to update their location with the live location. No police personnel can leave the police Stations not licensed by the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police),” the order said.

An autopsy revealed that Anjali Singh had suffered at least 40 traumatic injuries so severe that her ribs were exposed from her back and her skin peeled off.

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