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'Why do you need women to strip?': Musician's Bangalore airport horror film


A female musician who claims she was asked to remove her shirt while going through security at Bengaluru airport described the experience as “really humiliating” and asked, “Why do you need a woman to remove her clothes?”

The Bengaluru airport authority regretted the incident and said the issue had been highlighted to the operations and security teams. Security at the airport is the responsibility of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

The musician, who has now deactivated her Twitter account, posted last night: “I was asked to take off my shirt at security at Bangalore airport. Standing at security wearing only a tank top and getting that as a woman you never Will want attention. @BLRAAirport why do you need a woman to undress?”.

Bangalore Airport’s official Twitter response said “this should never have happened” and asked the female passenger to share her contact details so they could reach her.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience caused, this should not have happened. We have highlighted this to our operations team and escalated it to the security team managed by the government sovereign CISF (Central Industrial Security Force),” It said in a statement now – to delete the Twitter reply.

Problems during airport security checks have been a hot topic of late. After two years of the Covid pandemic, airports are packed with tourists leaving for holidays as travel restrictions are lifted. Last month, Delhi and Bengaluru airports witnessed chaotic scenes and long queues as passengers complained of delays at immigration counters and miserable experiences during security checks.

Sources from the Bengaluru airport later told NDTV that the CISF is short-staffed. “Bangalore airport can’t be managed, CISF should be managed. We have been providing support but only to a certain extent. CISF is understaffed and immigration is centrally managed,” the source said.

Aviation safety watchdog the Civil Aviation Safety Authority said it was buying new scanners so passengers would no longer have to remove laptops, phones and chargers to check bags. The regulator said this would ensure faster security checks and ease congestion at busy airports.

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