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'She was screaming and driver knew': Derry woman's friend dragged away by car

New Delhi:

A friend of the victim told reporters today that the man who dragged a 20-year-old woman 13 kilometers under a car in Derry on New Year’s Day morning “knew she was trapped under the car”. Police found that Nidhi, who had accompanied Anjali Singh to the New Year party, was also riding on the back of the same motorcycle. The woman, who apparently had an altercation with the 20-year-old man, allegedly fell when the car hit the scooter, went home in shock after seeing Anjali being dragged under the vehicle.

“Baleno hit us on the head. I fell to one side and she fell to the front,” Nidhi told reporters.

“My friend was trapped under the car. The guys knew a girl rolled under their car. They ran over her on purpose. They knew. The girl was trapped under the car and she was screaming. I felt hopeless , so I went home,” she told reporters tonight as her friend’s body was cremated.

“I went home and didn’t tell anyone anything. I panicked. I cried a lot. They drove back and forth twice. Back and forth. Twice. She was on her back. Probably got stuck with something. So They went back and forth. Then they moved on and dragged her under the car,” she added, recalling the traumatic event in vivid detail.

Anjali’s leg was caught by the axle.

Five men who were arrested in the vehicle told police they panicked after hitting the scooter, unaware the woman was trapped on the undercarriage. They said they were drunk and drank two bottles of wine on the way back from Murthal in Haryana. In addition, they said, the music was so loud in the car that they heard nothing.

The men claimed to have seen the dead bodies while they were near the village of Jonti. While turning around, they saw the woman’s arm. They then stopped the car, left the body there, and drove away. They returned the borrowed car to Ashutosh and went home.

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