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Amit Shah asks top police to investigate Delhi woman dragged under car

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has taken note of the shocking events in which the Delhi woman died after being dragged by a car for more than an hour on New Year’s Day morning. Sources said the investigation has been handed over to Delhi senior police officer Shalini Singh and the report must be submitted to the federal home ministry as soon as possible.

The 20-year-old was dragged 10-12km down the road after the car apparently hit her scooter. Her body became entangled in the landing gear, which passengers claimed did not notice.

Five men – one of whom is said to be the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party – have been arrested. But the woman’s family alleges she was sexually assaulted, which police deny.

A post mortem and breathalyzed report of the occupants of the vehicle is awaited.

The accident happened a few hours after midnight when the city was under surveillance by around 2,000 police officers, according to Delhi police. On New Year’s Eve, additional personnel were sent to maintain law and order. Despite this, the vehicle dragged the woman’s body for over an hour, covering 10-12 kilometers, without any police checks.

A witness said he called the police control room but officers did not respond.

“I told the PCR (police control room) the van and pointed at the car, but they didn’t even try to grab it,” Deepak Dahiya, a local confectioner who saw the incident and chased the car, told NDTV.

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