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'When Rajiv Gandhi was PM, career took off': Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani says his business empire took off more than three decades ago.

New Delhi:

Industrialist Gautam Adani said on Wednesday that the growth of his business empire cannot be tied to any one political leader, refuting comments from his talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Allegations of profiting from the relationship. Adani Group’s journey started more than three decades ago when Rajiv Gandhi, who was in Congress, was prime minister, he said.

“Prime Minister Modi and I are from the same state. This makes me an easy target for such baseless accusations…unfortunately, this claim is made against me,” he said in a statement. Interviewed by India Today.

“These allegations have a recency bias, looking at our team’s success from a short-term perspective. The truth is, my professional success is not due to any one leader, but to the policy and institutional reforms initiated by several leaders and the government over the course of three years. For more than a decade,” Mr Adani said.

“Many will be surprised to know that it all started during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister when he first eased the Exim (import and export) policy…but for Rajiv Gandhi, my journey as an entrepreneur was forever There will be no shutdown,” he said.

“The second big push I got was in 1991 when the duo Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh launched sweeping economic reforms. Like many other entrepreneurs, I was a beneficiary of those reforms,” he said.

The business tycoon attributes the “third turn” of his career to the election of the BJP’s Keshubhai Patel as Gujarat chief minister in 1995 and a focus on coastal development, which led him to establish his first port at Mundra .

“The fourth turning point came in 2001, when Gujarat witnessed Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s high priority on development. His policies and their implementation not only changed the economic landscape of the state… but also Industry and jobs have been shut down in unprecedented ways,” Mr Adani said.

“Today, under his able leadership, we are witnessing a similar renaissance at the national and international levels, with a new India asserting its strength,” he added.

Mr Adani also said he was “inspired” by Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani.

“Dhirubhai Ambani is an inspiration to millions of budding entrepreneurs in India. He shows how a humble man can overcome all odds without any support or resources and not only can Build a world-class business group and leave a legacy. As a first-generation entrepreneur, from humble beginnings, I am deeply inspired by him,” he said.

“All of our businesses are run by professional, competent CEOs. I don’t interfere with their day-to-day operations,” he says of his management style.

“My responsibilities were limited to strategy development, capital allocation and review. Because of this, I not only had time to manage such a large and diverse organization, but also incubated several new businesses and looked for new acquisition opportunities,” Adani said Mr.

Disclaimer: Adani Group has acquired more than 64% of NDTV.

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