Chinese woman suspected of spying on Dalai Lama arrested in Gaya, Bihar – Flying Journals

New Delhi:

A Chinese woman suspected of spying on the Dalai Lama was detained by police in the Gaya district of Bihar state today. She will most likely be deported back to China.

Earlier today, local police had issued a security alert as the Dalai Lama planned to attend several events in the Bihar region. A sketch of a suspected Chinese spy identified as Song Xiaolan has been released and circulated on social media, with authorities asking residents for information about her.

It is understood that the suspected Chinese spy has been living in different parts of the country, including Bodh Gaya, for more than a year. However, the foreign part has no record of the Chinese woman’s stay.

The Dalai Lama this year resumed his annual visit to Bodh Gaya, which had been suspended for the past two years due to the Covid pandemic.

Security measures have been heightened in and around the Mahabodhi Temple complex.

The Dalai Lama spoke this morning at a gathering of the “Kaal Chakra” maidan. He plans to speak every day for the three days leading up to Dec. 31.

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