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Video: All-out battle between passengers flying from Bangkok to India

The incident happened on a flight from Bangkok to India.

The number of mile high violators in India is on the rise and thanks to social media, these incidents are getting more attention than ever. An all-out fight reportedly broke out on the latest Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to India on Tuesday, alarming other passengers and crew.

In video of the incident, two men can be seen arguing with each other while a flight attendant tries to defuse the situation. One of the men can be heard saying “haath neeche kar”, which means “put your hands down”, to the other. The fight quickly turned into a physical altercation as other passengers and crew watched on.

The man was seen taking off his glasses and began beating the other man, with the former’s friend joining in the brawl. The other didn’t fight back, just tried to cover the attack. Fellow passengers and flight attendants can be heard urging the man to stop and calm down before a flight attendant successfully separates the pair.

In a similar incident earlier this month, a video emerged online of a passenger and a flight attendant arguing on an IndiGo flight from Istanbul to Delhi, sparking mixed reactions on the internet. reaction. While some noted a trend of cabin crew showing increasing impatience, others asserted that yelling at flight attendants was unacceptable.

Responding to the earlier incident, IndiGo Airlines said, “We are investigating the incident and want to ensure that the comfort of our customers remains our top priority.”

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