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Students, security guards clash at Allahabad University


Students and security guards clashed at the prestigious Allahabad University tonight as arguments over access to the campus spiraled out of control.

A video circulating on social media showed students throwing rocks at guards and police who were called to campus after the violence.

A motorcycle was set on fire. A second video allegedly shows guards beating students with batons at the main entrance.

Violence erupted after a former student leader got into an altercation with university guards who allegedly denied him access to campus.

The leader has been part of a long-running protest on campus over tuition increases that has lasted for months. The university administration said it would not recoup the tuition increase.

Both sides claimed injuries. Police said the situation is now under control and relatively calm. Police chief Ramit Sharma told reporters that students have been asked to sit near the student union offices and all their complaints will be heard.

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