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Salt Bae slammed for violating FIFA rules after being seen touching World Cup trophy

As we all know, only a few people are allowed to touch the World Cup

Argentina beat two-time champions France 4-2 on penalties in Sunday’s 2022 FIFA World Cup final. Team captain Lionel Messi became the first player in his squad to pick up the World Cup trophy and lift it into the sky. However, there are those who want to touch the classic trophy and be a part of the historic moment.

One of them was Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, better known as “Salt Bae”, who angered fans after disrupting Argentina’s World Cup trophy celebrations at the Lusail Stadium. The celebrity chef also posted photos of the celebration on his Instagram account, which drew further ire from fans. In the photo, he holds the trophy alone, poses with the Argentine players, and still has some championship medals around his neck. He could even be seen pestering Lionel Messi for a photo, however, the player ignored him and continued to hug his team-mate.

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Estimated to be worth around $20 million, the 18-carat gold trophy was known to be only accessible to a select few.according to FIFA website“The original FIFA World Cup trophy can only be touched and held by a very small number of people, including former FIFA World Cup winners and heads of state.”

The pictures disappointed social media users, with many questioning why he was allowed to hold the trophy and be allowed to play. One user said, ”You shouldn’t be clinking glasses. You are not a champion. ’ Another commented, ‘Why are you holding it, why are you on the field? You shouldn’t be there. This is the time for hard-working players, not celebrities hanging around and taking selfies for their promotions. A third said, “Unfollow you, you shouldn’t just touch the trophy for the players and staff who are trying their best to become champions to have this right.” You just want attention. ”

In 2014, pop star Rihanna broke a similar rule when she touched the trophy at a post-race victory party in Germany. She also snapped a selfie and revealed she kissed the trophy.

Notably, Salt Bae has shot to fame online for his unique way of putting the last touch of salt on his steaks at his Nusr-Et restaurant chain.

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