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More than 61 organizations applied for permission to hold the protest. (document)

Belagawi, Karnataka:

Amid growing tensions on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border, mass protests are planned for the final winter session of the BS Bommai government in Karnataka today, with Congress and Shiv Sena Leaders were detained and placed in preventive detention. Hasan Mushrif of the NCP and Vijay Devane, chairman of Shiv Sena’s Kolhapur district, were detained today while trying to enter Belagavi, Karnataka, the host city of a decades-old border dispute during the 10-day winter session of the Karnataka Assembly. center. It will be the state’s last winter session before voting next year.

More than 300 members of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP were stopped at the border by Karnataka and returned, some were detained by Maharashtra police.

Activists from the Madhyavarti Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MMES), which has been raising the issue for more than 50 years, are planning a massive protest ahead of the winter session of the Karnataka State Assembly.

Maharashtra Congress chief Nanapatore blamed the center for the dispute, accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “dividing” India.

“The border issue happened because of the central government. Prime Minister Modi wanted to split Maharashtra. Although the chief minister and home minister Amit Shah met, why the leaders were not allowed to go there? This shows the central government It’s a question of who is behind the scenes,” he said.

The chief ministers of Karnataka and Maharashtra have agreed not to raise their claims in the decades-long state border dispute pending a Supreme Court decision on the matter, Union home minister Amit Shah said after meeting the two leaders last week.

However, Maharashtra Chief Minister CM Eknath Shinde said today that the issue is “the pride of Maharashtra” and that the state has taken a tough stance on the issue.

“The Home Minister personally briefed the media on this issue. Ekikaran Samiti of Maharashtra is protesting today and there should be no politics in this issue. There are several other issues that we can politicize,” he said.

Mr Shinde said he had received information from the police about the villagers who wanted to join Karnataka and “the people behind them”.

“We are with our people and will provide whatever is needed. We even told BS Bommai that whatever you tweet is wrong and he said that is not his Twitter handle,” Eknath Shinde said.

Maharashtra is uncomfortable with the inclusion of Marathi-speaking regions in Karnataka during the reorganization of states by language, which includes Belgavi, formerly part of the Mumbai presidential palace. It also claims 814 Marathi-speaking villages, which are currently part of Karnataka state.

Karnataka insists the demarcation is final and nothing will change.

Dhairyasheel Sambhajirao Mane, the first Maharashtra MP who was appointed chairman of the Karnataka-Maharashtra Boundary Dispute Expert Committee, is expected to visit Belagavi today, even though the regional government has banned his entry.

“If the Maharashtra MP’s arrival in Karnataka threatens law and order, we will take action. He does not have a permit to enter Belagavi. He will be stopped at the border and sent back,” police, law And order, Alok Kumar, said.

Dhairyasheel Sambhajirao Mane was scheduled to attend an event organized by MMES, but the police said he was likely to give an inflammatory speech which would lead to language clashes and cause law and order issues, ultimately causing damage to public properties.

More than 61 groups requested permission to hold protests during the parliamentary session, forcing a heavy police presence.

More than 4,000 police personnel including 6 superintendents, 11 additional superintendents, 43 deputy superintendents, 95 police inspectors and 241 police sub-inspectors have been deployed in Belagavi.

In the past few weeks, trucks from Maharashtra have been attacked in Karnataka and buses in the southern state have been defaced by workers from Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray faction.

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