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Jharkhand man allegedly killed second wife, 22, body chopped up

Rubika Pahadin moved into Dildar a month ago.


The body of a 22-year-old woman was killed in Jharkhand Sahibganj district in a gruesome murder similar to that of Shraddha Walkar that made national headlines, police said. So far, they have recovered 18 bodies and detained the victim’s husband as a suspect. A number of weapons suspected of being used in the crime were also recovered, police said.

The defendant has been identified as Dildar Ansari. According to the police, the victim was the defendant’s second wife and she was killed as a plot to discord due to the first wife’s objection to Dildar Ansari’s second marriage. The accused’s family has confessed to killing her, police said.

The victim, Rubika Pahadin, was murdered and her body was cut into pieces and thrown in various places. Police took action on Saturday night after a human leg was found behind the Anganwadi Center which is under construction in the Borio Santhali area.

Speaking to media, her sister said it was a “love marriage” and the accused husband told her he was not home when it happened. “He told me his family did it in his absence,” she said, adding that she felt threatened and suspected his family would try to kill other members of her family as well. “We demand that they be hanged,” she said.

Rubika Pahadin moved into Dildar a month ago.

During the investigation, a body was found in a sack in a closed house nearby. Local Police Superintendent Anuranjan Kispotta and a team arrived at the Borio police station overnight for further investigation.

According to the police, someone killed Rubika Pahardin and dumped her body in several places to hide evidence. A sniffer dog was called in from Dumka to help locate the body parts. Some people have been arrested after investigation, and the police are interrogating them in an undisclosed location. The district headquarters also invited doctors to examine human organs. All body parts were packed and will be sent for forensic examination.

Police have been deployed to the locked house where the human body parts were found. “Given the potential for a breach of the peace, several police officers have been deployed in Borio,” police said in a statement.

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