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FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Live Stream, Argentina vs France: Messi vs Mbappe© AFP

FIFA World Cup 2022, Argentina vs France live stream: Two quick goals from Kylian Mbappe gave France a 2-2 win over Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final at the Lusail Stadium. Earlier, Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria gave Argentina a 2-0 first-half lead. France looked lackluster for most of the game but found their mojo late in the second half. (live game center)

Here are live score updates for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final, a football match between Argentina and France direct from Doha’s Lusail Stadium:

  • 22:44 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina’s attack is gone!

    Marcos Acuna had a fine player on the left wing, but he couldn’t find a teammate inside the box. Argentina are still looking for the winner.

  • 22:42 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Substitutions for France

    Adrien Rabiot will go to France and Youssouf Fofana will replace him. France have updated their midfield in search of a winner.

  • 22:37 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Extra time begins

    Argentina and France drew 2-2 and extra time began at the Lusail Stadium. If the score is still tied within 30 minutes, we will see a penalty shootout.

  • 22:32 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: The final goes to overtime!

    That’s the end of policing time! Hugo Lloris denied Lionel Messi the late winner as the game remained 2-2 at full-time. Both teams will hope to find a winner in overtime.

  • 22:30 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Lloris denies Messi

    Lionel Messi almost gave Argentina the winner from just outside the box, but Jagger Lloris made a superb save to send the ball over the bar. That might be the case for Messi and Argentina.

  • 22:27 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Another great performance from Mbappe

    Kylian Mbappe headed into the Argentine box with another fine run, but his shot went wide. France wanted to hit the ball from a corner but their Martinez catch stopped the attack.

  • 22:24 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Added 8 minutes to injury time

    We still have to wait for stoppage time, because there are still 8 minutes of stoppage time. France were on the mend and Argentina looked to be waiting for the full-time whistle to rally in extra time.

  • 22:20 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: France have found their mojo!

    The defending champions finally feel like a championship team. With a relentless attack, they put Argentina at a disadvantage. Lionel Messi’s men will need to keep their heads in the game. Overtime is not far away.

  • 22:14 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Mbappe scores again!

    Kylian Mbappe scored his second goal a few minutes after scoring. France fell behind 2-2, while Argentina appeared to be on the back foot.

  • 22:13 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Kylian Mbappe scores!

    awesome! Kylian Mbappe fired the ball into the bottom left corner to beat Emiliano Martinez and close the gap on France. Argentina still lead 2-1, but the momentum could now change.

  • 22:12 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: France Penalties!

    Will the game have a late twist? Kolomouani was brought down by Otamendi in the penalty area. Kylian Mbappe takes the penalty.

  • 22:10 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: A tactical masterclass in Argentina!

    Argentina is one step ahead of France in terms of on-pitch tactics. Their players will continue to draw fouls and disrupt games when needed. Excellent game awareness and execution.

  • 22:06 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Another French attack gone!

    The last goal, the last pass, the last instinct continued to disappoint France. Argentina is currently cruising and France is little changed in momentum.

  • 22:03 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Kingsley Coman, Eduardo Camavinga in action for France

    In the final 20 minutes or so, the defending champions looked to change the course of the game, and they had two more changes. France need more midfield and attacking firepower, having failed to test the Argentine goalkeeper so far.

  • 21:57 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Substitutions for Argentina

    Angel di Maria was replaced by Marcos Acuna as Argentina looked to strengthen their defense in the final 25-30 minutes of the game.

  • 21:56 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Another attempt by Lugo Lloris to sweep Argentina

    Argentina nearly scored their third goal, but Hugo Lloris swept past Julian Alvarez straight to Mac Allister ) of the pass. Letting go of Les Bleus.

  • 21:52 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Julian Alvarez tests Hugo Lloris

    Julian Alvarez found himself with some space to run and hit the ball in goal. Although the ball went slightly out of bounds, it was blocked by French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

  • 21:48 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: France trying to build up the attack!

    In fact, France haven’t even had a goal attempt so far. Argentina, by comparison, has seven. The defending champions’ body language has been terrible from the start, and the scoreline shows why.

  • 21:44 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: French corners!

    Antoine Griezmann’s corner was impressively collected by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. Les Bleus desperately needs an equalizer. However, they have to work harder.

  • 21:42 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Rodrigo de Paul hard at work

    At halftime, neither side made any changes. At the start of the second half, Rodrygo De Paul’s shot from outside the box fell directly into the hands of Hugo Lloris.

  • 21:38 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: The second half is underway!

    Argentina are 2-0 up and will want to keep their lead if not extended. France did their thing for the rest of the game.

  • 21:26 (standard time)

  • 21:23 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: It’s halftime

    Argentina’s Enzo Fernandez is shown the yellow card for wasting time. That was it for the first half. Argentina were delighted to lead their name 2-0.

  • 21:19 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina slow down to hold 2-0 lead

    Argentina didn’t push for a third goal, with just a few minutes left in stoppage time. It’s all about going into the second half and now they have a 2-goal lead.

  • 21:15 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Added 7 minutes to injury time

    This is the sixth time Argentina has led 2-0 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A total of 7 minutes of stoppage time were added in the first half.

  • 21:12 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Giroud, Demebele leave France

    There was still time to end the first half, but France already had two substitutes, Olivier Giroud and Ousmane Dembele off. Marcus Thuram and Randal Kolo Muani took their place.

  • 21:06 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Angel di Maria’s goal

    Argentina doubled their lead on the counterattack. McAllister assisted Di Maria in the lower right corner for a lore. The former Real Madrid player was not wrong.

  • 21:02 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina looking for their second

    With a 1-0 lead, Argentina did not lose their appetite for goals. Mac Allister, di Maria and Messi are at the center of most of the attacks being built. France has yet to find the answer!

  • 20:58 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Free kicks for France

    France had another chance to test the Argentine defence, but Antoine Griezmann’s ball wasn’t good enough. A collision between Theo Hernandez and Lionel Messi halted the game for a few seconds. No serious injuries were done!

  • 20:53 (standard time)

  • 20:51 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Penalties for Argentina

    Angel Di Maria was brought down by Ousmane Dembele in the box. The Barcelona man fouled poorly and will be awarded to Lionel Messi.

  • 20:50 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Olivier Giroud’s header goes over the bar!

    Olivier Giroud saves Antoine Griezmann’s free kick. However, his header went over the bar. France is expected to return to the game.

  • 20:49 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Foul by Theo Hernandez

    France win a free kick after Theo Hernandez is fouled by Cristian Romero on the edge of the box.

  • 20:47 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Miss Argentina from Argentina

    The Argentine had the upper hand in the box but Angel Di Maria hit the crossbar when he attempted a shot with his right foot. A great opportunity to beg.

  • 20:45 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina strikes back

    When France launched its first attack, Argentina found an opportunity to fight back. However, their move was also interrupted by France’s defense. Argentina has undoubtedly had the upper hand so far.

  • 20:44 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: France’s first attack

    Kylian Mbappe found himself with some space on the left wing, but the move didn’t materialize. Emiliano Martinez catches the ball effectively to end the attack.

  • 20:41 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Foul by Lloris

    Argentina put the numbers inside the box after a Lionel Messi corner. Christian Romero appeared to injure Lloris with his elbow when receiving the ball. The France goalkeeper received medical attention but is considered fit enough to resume play.

  • 20:38 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina Attacks!

    Lionel Messi made another fine attacking contribution in midfield as he released Angel Di Maria, who dribbled into the box before firing for Rodrigo De Paul. However, the shot was blocked. Argentina corner.

  • 20:36 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Mac Allister hits Lloris

    A brilliant move from the Argentine saw McAllister find his chance on goal. However, his shot fell straight into the hands of French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

  • 20:33 (standard time)

    FIFA WC LIVE: Argentina takes the lead

    Argentina got off to a promising start, with Lionel Messi’s side getting off to a positive start. Julian Alvarez had a small chance to test Hugo Lloris and he did. However, the referee quickly raised the offside flag.

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