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Pakistan's ruling party leader threatens India with 'nuclear war': report

Pak minister Shazia Marri threatened India with nuclear war.

New Delhi:

Pakistani People’s Party leader Shazia Mali threatened nuclear war with India, news agency ANI reported citing Bol News, a day after India strongly condemned neighboring Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto’s accusations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “uncivilized outbreak”.

“India should not forget that Pakistan has an atomic bomb. Our nuclear status does not mean silence. We will not back down if needed,” Ms Mali told reporters at a news conference, supporting Mr BhuttoANI reports.

India yesterday slammed Mr Bhutto’s aggressive personal attack on Prime Minister Modi, calling it a ‘Even Pakistan hits new low’.

New Delhi delivered a firm and relentless condemnation of Mr Bhutto’s comments at the UN, saying Pakistan had no right to slander India, adding that “Pakistan terrorism” must stop.

On Thursday, Mr Bhutto made a very offensive comment in which he said: “Osama bin Laden is dead but the butcher of Gujarat is alive and he is the prime minister of India.”

He delivered a forceful blow to Foreign Minister S Jaishankar for calling Pakistan a “center of terrorism”.

“These comments are a new low, even for Pakistan. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan apparently forgot this day in 1971, which was a direct result of the genocide waged by the rulers of Pakistan against ethnic Bengalis and Hindus. Unfortunately, Pakistan It does not appear that India has changed much in its treatment of ethnic minorities. It is certainly not in a position to slander India,” the ministry said in a statement.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said the “uncivilized outburst” by Pakistan’s foreign minister appeared to be the result of Pakistan’s “increasing inability to exploit terrorists and their proxies”.

“Cities like New York, Mumbai, Pulwama, Pathankot and London are all deeply scarred by the terrorism sponsored, supported and instigated by Pakistan. This violence started in their special terror zone and spread around the world. “Terrorism in Pakistan must stop. “

Pakistan, a country that honored Osama bin Laden as a martyr, sheltered Rahwi, Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azar, Sajid Mir and Daoud Yi, says India Brahim and other terrorists. “No other country can boast of having 126 UN-designated terrorists and 27 UN-designated terrorist entities,” the statement said.

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