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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar speaks to reporters in Patna.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today refused to offer compensation to families of those killed by fake liquor, saying the state should be “more vigilant” anyway Banned since 2016.

In the latest tragedy, where more than 30 people died in Saran district, the JDU-RJD government faced protests from the BJP inside and outside parliament for allegedly lax enforcement of the ban.

Jo sharaab peeyega, wo toh marega hi na… Udaharan saamne hai — peeyoge toh maroge. (Obviously those who drink will die. We have an example in this case),” Mr Kumar said in Hindi in response to a question in Patna, referring to claims for damages in earlier cases:

Nitish Kumar Parliament loses cool due to protests And taunted BJP members earlier this week with the “you’re drunk” taunt.

Today he said that you should really express your grief and then go to the affected places and let people know. “We’ve been running a massive social awareness campaign.”

He argued that even without Prohibition, people would have died from poisoned alcohol. “There have also been significant deaths in other states,” he added.

Similar deaths have occurred in recent years in Gujarat and Punjab, another alcohol-free state.

“You know what Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) said (in support of Prohibition), and the studies around the world – all of which were sent to people’s homes – about how bad alcohol is, how many people die from it. People have been dying from poisoned (counterfeit) alcohol for a long time, and it’s happening all over the country,” he said.

“We have taken strict action, but people need to be more vigilant. When there is a ban, there is clearly something wrong with the alcohol being sold,” he further said.

“Also, remember that you shouldn’t be drinking under any circumstances. Most people agree with the no-alcohol policy. But some people make mistakes,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Sunil Kumar said the government will take stern action against those responsible for the deaths.

Bihar is one of two large states that currently have a ban — the other being Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat. Nagaland and Mizoram have similar policies, with some exceptions.

States such as Kerala in the south and Haryana in the north have tried the policy for decades, but had to scrap it mainly because of difficulties in implementing it.

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