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'Aim to resolve problem by end-December': Delhi airport official on traffic congestion

New Delhi:

The congestion at Delhi airport will be resolved by the end of this month, a senior official told NDTV. Narayan Rao, deputy general manager of Delhi International Airport Ltd, told NDTV that post-Covid, the number of flights and bags per flight has increased. “That’s why there’s sudden congestion,” he added.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia told NDTV yesterday that winter traffic at Delhi airport was “unexpected” and that it would take seven to ten days for the situation to return to normal.

The airport has asked passengers to arrive early and carry only one piece of hand luggage in order to pass through security. Less crowds in the morning suggest passengers will only have to wait at the entrance for one to four minutes, sources said.

Mr Scindia said they were CCTV cameras at the gate and a control center to guide passengers to the entrance in the least rushed way.

The number of security checkpoints within the airport will increase from 11 to 20. As of today, there are 17 of them. “We have also removed all unnecessary roadblocks,” he said.

“The situation will improve over the next seven to 10 days as these new measures are also fully implemented. We also need to coordinate with all airlines, so implementation will take a few days,” he added.

The average passenger traffic of Delhi Airport is around 0-80 million while T1 is operating with a passenger traffic of 100 million. “By 2024-25, we will open Noida Airport Phase 1 to 12 million passengers,” the minister said.

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