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5 great quotes from the foreign minister's powerful speech at the UN

Foreign Minister Jaishankar Speaks at the Open Debate of the UN Security Council

India yesterday called for an overhaul of the UN, saying decisions on the future of member states in Latin America, Africa, Asia and small island developing States “cannot be taken without their participation”.

Here are the top 5 speeches by foreign ministers at the UN

  1. “While the debate on reform wanders aimlessly, the real world has changed dramatically at the same time. We see it in economic prosperity, technological capabilities, political influence and developmental progress.”

  2. “During the COVID pandemic, many vulnerable countries in the global south obtained their first vaccines from outside their traditional sources. Indeed, the diversification of global production is itself an acknowledgment of how much the old order has changed.”

  3. “The knock-on effects of conflict situations also underscore the need for broader-based global governance. Recent concerns about food, fertilizer and fuel security have not been adequately expressed in the highest decision-making Their interests don’t matter. We can’t let this happen again.”

  4. “The situation is not much better when it comes to climate action and climate justice. Instead of addressing relevant issues in the proper forums, we see attempts to distract and divert attention. Challenged by terrorism, even the world With a more collective response, multilateral platforms are being misused to defend and protect perpetrators.”

  5. “We not only need to increase the number of stakeholders, but also increase the effectiveness and credibility of multilateralism in the eyes of the international community and global public opinion. If this is to be done, experts from Latin America, Africa, Asia and SIDS There should be reliable and continuous representation on the Security Council. Without their participation, decisions about their future can no longer be made.”

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