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Murder charges against CBI officer over death of Bangladeshi violence

At least 10 killed in violence in Birbhum, West Bengal


State police filed a murder case against officials of the Central Investigation Agency days after a lead accused in a violent case in Birbhum, West Bengal, allegedly committed suicide while in CBI custody.

Lalon Sheikh, one of the main accused in the violence in Bogtui village in Bangladesh’s Birbhum district earlier this year, allegedly committed suicide in CBI custody on Monday.

The First Information Report or FIR registered by the police named the senior CBI officer as the ‘murder’ accused. The agency will challenge the FIR in the Kolkata High Court, sources said.

The FIR was registered on the basis of a complaint filed by Lalon’s family alleging custodial torture.

Lalon Sheikh was arrested from Jharkhand on December 4 — eight months after the massacre in which 10 people, including women and children, were burned alive.

He is being held in a makeshift camp set up by the CBI in the area.

Lalon Sheikh’s wife claimed that CBI officers had threatened to kill her husband and demanded Rs 50 lakh to clear him of any charges.

The central investigative agency refuted the “baseless” allegations and launched an investigation into Sheikh’s death.

The CBI is investigating the case on the order of the Kolkata High Court. Sheikh is believed to have led a group that set fire to houses in Bogtui, killing 10 people, mostly women and children. Autopsies or forensic examinations revealed that the 10 were severely beaten before the massacre.

The violence followed the murder of local TMC leader Bhadu Sheikh. The CBI charge sheet said Bhadu Sheikh’s murder was the result of a competition between him and his accomplices over dubious land deals, illegal business and partly to extort money.

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