2 students die after bus overturns returning from picnic near Mumbai – Flying Journals

A bus carrying students is returning to Mumbai from Lonavala.


At least two students were killed and several others were injured when the bus carrying them overturned near Mumbai last night. Students from a coaching class were returning from a picnic when the accident happened in Khopoli, Raigad district.

Images from the crash scene and a hospital showed the student suffered injuries to his hands and head.

The bus carrying 48 students of Year 10 and two teachers from Chembur Coaching Academy, Mumbai was returning from Lonavala. It overturned on the Old Mumbai-Pune Expressway as it was descending a hill at around 8pm.

Two students were killed in the accident and other passengers were also injured. The injured students were rushed to different hospitals in Lonavala, Copoli and other nearby areas.

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