More than 40 men break into Telangana dentist’s home, kidnap her – Flying Journals

After an hour-long police operation, she was rescued safely.


A horrific video of the incident has shown a mob of about 40 men forced their way into a house and abducted a 24-year-old Telangana woman on her engagement day yesterday. After hours of police operations, she was safely rescued and some of the defendants were taken away. Cases have also been registered.

The woman, a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) graduate and former family surgeon, was abducted from her own home in Adibatla village, Ranga Reddy district, near Hyderabad, Telangana.

The woman’s parents reportedly claimed that about 100 young men broke into their house and forcibly took their daughter, Vaishali, away. At least 30 men can be seen vandalizing homes, smashing car windows, dragging a man out of his home and beating him with sticks in the video.

The family accused a man named Naveen Reddy of leading the mob and abducting her and that he had allegedly been harassing the woman into marrying her. Naveen owns a franchise of a branded tea shop and has opened a glass-walled café opposite her home, as romantic as a movie. It was demolished by Vaishali’s parents after she was kidnapped.

Naveen went with his tea stall worker, claiming his “wife” refused to live with him and he wanted to take her home. The woman was reported to have been in a relationship but claimed she was not married to him. Police have arrested 18 people but say the main accused, Naveen, is still at large. They said they were also trying to identify and arrest others.

Ibrahimpatnam police told NDTV that Vaishali is a dentist and the daughter of a former soldier. She met Navin on the badminton court, and the two had a close relationship. Naveen is said to have even bought her a car from his lucrative multi-level marketing business.

Then, Naveen reportedly proposed to her, but she turned it down. He then harassed her on Instagram and other social media platforms while she reported the incident to police alleging stalking.

When Vaishali got engaged yesterday, Naveen and around 40 other people reportedly broke in and attacked the girl’s family, house and vandalized the car. They took the 24-year-old doctor away but released her on her own accord after she called her parents.

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