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'Narendra worked hard so Bhupendra can break record: PM wins in Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today thanked Gujarat for securing record-breaking massive mandates in parliamentary elections, saying he was “humbled by your trust and confidence in us”. Speaking at the party headquarters in Delhi, Prime Minister Modi – whose personal popularity and contribution to victory is considered the greatest – played down his role.

“I said during the campaign in Gujarat that this time Narendra Modi’s record (127 seats in 2002) has to be broken… Bhupendra (Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel) will break Narendra’s record, for which Narendra will work tirelessly and with all his heart,” he said. It “resonated with people,” he added.

There was also a word about the Chief Minister’s personal achievements. “Today, Bhupendra-bhai Patel won his seat by more than 200,000 votes – which is amazing – won his seat in Parliament by 200,000 votes, which did not happen to most of the people in the Lok Sabha seats Yes,” the prime minister said.

Mr Patel will remain as the state’s chief minister. He will be sworn in on Monday.

PM Modi took a more moderate tone after party chairman JP Nadda launched an unrestricted attack on Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi party. There is an arch reference to “Using Fault Lines”.

Prime Minister Modi said: “Those parties today who are trying to exploit the fault lines and pose new challenges to India from within just to gain some political gain, these parties are gaining the attention and understanding of the people of the country.”

“They may find many things to exploit and divide people, but there is only one thing that unites us all – our Motherland. Our work in BJP is only for the benefit of the Motherland. Today, the BJP is the majority Indians are preferred,” he added.

He did not name anyone but warned party members to beware of “fake news and lies”.

“I will be targeted and so will all of you…so be prepared. How will you do this? By being patient and increasing your sehen-shakti (endurance),” he added. In this regard, he even cites the post-Godra riots of 2002. “After 2002, every aspect of my life was torn apart,” he said.

In the first few hours of today’s counting, the BJP had scored above 150 and held firmly there, bringing the combined score of Congress and Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi party below 25. The party currently leads with 156 seats – 57 more than in 2017. Congress wants 17 seats, with the AAP debuting five.

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