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Himachal Pradesh election results 2022: 412 candidates contested.

Shimla/New Delhi:
The Congress party picked up the pace in Himachal Pradesh after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party took an early lead. The stakes are higher for the Congress party as its chances in Gujarat are slim. The BJP is fighting the country’s tradition of changing government at every election.

Here are 10 key facts explaining the election:

  1. Congress has mounted a fierce challenge, and after nearly a third of the vote has been counted, it now has more than a majority. At 10.20am, Congress leads with 34 out of 68 seats; BJP 30th.

  2. Expecting a much-needed victory, Congress plans to send some state leaders to the hill state and relocate the MLA to Raipur in Chhattisgarh to counter any poaching attempts by the BJP, sources told NDTV.Export Polls keep all possibilities open, or even hanging homes – independents play a key role. More than 75 percent of the 5.5 million voters cast their ballots in the Nov. 12 election.

  3. Apart from issues of development, emotional appeal and campaign strategy, two factors will come into play in Himachal’s poll results released today.1. Is it from the Himalayas “Rivage” The (tradition) of changing the government every election continues.Two, whether large number of rebels could weaken the BJP’s chances of overturning this tradition.

  4. inside 2017 parliamentary elections, The BJP won a comfortable majority of 44 votes; Congress gained 21 seats, one to the CPI-M and two to the Independent Party. There has been a generational change in the leadership of the BJP, with its presumptive chief minister, Prem Kumar Dhumal, losing his seat and Jairam Thakur taking the chairmanship.

  5. Himachal has never re-elected the ruling party after 1985 — a trend that the BJP, powered by PM Narendra Modi’s aggressive campaign, hopes to end. This time the slogan of the BJP is “Raj nahin, riwaaj badlega”, It means “tradition changes, not government”.The BJP has bucked the trend in another mountainous state of Uttarakhand and has been cited several times in the home state of Himachal Pradesh, the party’s national chairman JP Nadda

  6. but “Rivage” That’s why Congress’ low-key campaign — which it says is a deliberate strategy — sounds confident it’s its turn. The stakes are especially high for Congress, which has been losing wildly for more than two years without a single state victory. It currently only has chief ministers in the states of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, both of which are due to vote in 2023.

  7. Rebel candidates — those who run as independents after being rejected from the party — have been a factor in the campaign, and they could be key if an unresolved situation arises. BJP has rebels in 21 seats. Both sides maintain ties to rebels and other independents.

  8. While the BJP sees insurgents across the state, the top ranks of Congress are feuding. Without Virbhadra Singh, the former royal and six-time chief minister who was the top party leader in the state until his death last year. His wife, Pratibha Singh, a current MP, is the state assembly chairperson; their son, Vikramaditya Singh, is a candidate. Current Opposition Leader Sukhvinder Sukhu and Mukesh Agnihotri are other claimants.

  9. AAP has made some noise here after winning neighboring Punjab earlier this year. But it has since opted to focus on the Delhi referendum it won yesterday, and the Gujarat Assembly vote which announced results today alongside Himachal Pradesh.

  10. This Promise to restart old pension scheme Spurring congressional election campaigns because a large portion of the population works in government. The Bharatiya Janata Party has put forward the idea of ​​”dual engines”, implying that the central government and the country are governed by the same party, which can guarantee the development of all aspects.

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