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Delhi referendum: Officials outside polling stations ahead of MCD elections.

New Delhi:
With rubbish at its centre, the AAP aims to tighten its grip on the national capital as a vote on the Delhi Municipal Corporation is held today. The BJP is confident of prolonging its rule, while the Congress hopes to win back some ground.

Here are the top 10 points in the big story:

  1. Nearly 1.5 million people are eligible to vote in 250 constituencies, which follow the reunification of the three MCDs organized by district in 2011 and redistricting following the end of the BJP’s final term earlier this year. Voting opens at 8am and polling station gates will close at 5.30pm, after which only those already inside will be able to vote. Subway service began at 4 a.m. on polling day, two hours earlier than usual. December 7th is Results Day. 68 model polling stations and 68 pink polling stations covering all assembly sections across the city have been established.

  2. More than 1,300 candidates participated in the competition. Both the AAP and the BJP, which currently control parts of Delhi’s executive branch through the state and central governments, are vying for all seats. Congress has been struggling to regain its standing in Delhi since the emergence of AAP, which is vying for 247 seats after the nominations of three of its candidates were rejected due to technical issues.

  3. Although the BJP has not formed a Delhi state government for the past 24 years, its control over the MCD through Congress and the AAP’s state government has been strong. Even after the AAP won a record 67 of 70 seats in the 2015 parliamentary polls, the BJP two years later retained the civic body by winning 181 of its 272 seats. The AAP is second with 48 and Congress is third with 30.

  4. This time, BJP lets PM Narendra Modi hand over the keys some ghetto rehab apartments – one of its campaign highlights – and deployed the union minister led by Amit Shah, along with party chairman JP Nadda and several chief ministers, in an election campaign that showed just how prestige the battle for cities can be. Local leaders are distant second-in-commands.

  5. AAP has been preparing since early last keeps its Bitumen is installed directly on the waste Question: “We’ve improved things in the state, now let’s deal with sanitation too.” The slogan “Kejriwal’s government, Kejriwal’s company” is comparable to the BJP’s similar “Modi’s Twin Engines” campaign — both Both build upon the face of their supreme leader.

  6. The BJP has promised housing and has filed corruption charges against several AAP ministers, including Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. CCTV footage showed arrested minister Satyendar Jain receiving “special treatment” at Tihar Jail. Congress also uses these to mine AAP.But the AAP has maintained a high decibel claim “kattar imaandar” (very honest). Mr. Kejriwal said his “Xandar” The (honorable) chief minister’s job will not fail with “false accusations” and “abuse of central institutions”.

  7. congress hope At least gain some clout. It is still being rebuilt in Delhi following the death of Sheila Dikshit in 2019. Its focus on the macropolitics of ideology – evident in Rahul Gandhi’s “Bharat Jodo Yatra” while still in central India – means that citizens Institutional elections are not high on its to-do list. Certainly not as high up on the AAP’s and BJP’s lists.

  8. Less than three years after the riots in Delhi, religiously based rhetoric – some of which was seen as public propaganda – continued to circulate, especially on social media. Given that social media is not bound by geography, such rhetoric from Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat has also entered the civic space of Delhi.

  9. And because the stakes are high — and the words sharp — the security is high, too. Some 40,000 state police, 20,000 home guards and more than 8,000 personnel from the paramilitary and national armed police forces have been deployed – nearly 70,000 in total. Additionally, 60 drone cameras will hover over sensitive areas. “Opportunities to prevent community outbreaks” is one of the police’s priorities.

  10. The Delhi civic body is one of three simultaneous poll battles over the past few months – the others being parliamentary elections in Himachal Pradesh and Prime Minister Modi’s home state of Gujarat, where the BJP is also in power. Himachal Pradesh was more of a Congress vs BJP fight but in Gujarat the AAP is trying to push the Congress aside and break in.

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