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Prime Minister Modi said the power given to me by Gujarat has upset Congress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is running in Gujarat today, hit back at Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge’s “Ravan” comments aimed at him. exist”lambakt (Ram followers),” he commented at a large rally.

“There is a competition in Congress who will insult Modi more, using bigger and sharper insults,” Prime Minister Modi said while campaigning in Karoll, Gujarat.

“A few days ago, a Congress leader said Modi would die like a dog, another said Modi would die like Hitler. Another said I would kill Modi myself if I had the chance…someone said lavin, someone said Rakshasa (Demons), someone said cockroaches…I am not surprised that Congress named Modi, I am surprised – anyone would – that despite using such words, Congress has never regretted it. Congress thinks they have the right to insult the Prime Minister Modi of this country. “

Mr Kharge made the comments at a rally in Ahmedabad earlier this week. “Modi is PM. Forget about his job, he goes on campaigning in corporate elections, MLA elections, MP elections, everywhere…he keeps talking about himself – ‘You don’t have to look at anyone, just look at Modi vote”. How many times have we seen your face? How many forms do you have? Do you have 100 heads like Ravan? ’ said Mr Kharge.

Days before him, another Congress leader, Madhusudan Mistry, was talking about renaming the stadium named after Narendra Modi: “We want to show Modiji his aukat (status)”.

Prime Minister Modi responded to both comments today.

“The power that Gujarat has given me has upset Congress. A Congress leader came here and said we will show Modi his Okat in this election. The council felt that there was still much to say, so they sent Harg. I respect Kharge, but he must have had to say what was asked.Congress doesn’t know Gujarat is Ram Bacht.He is here saying that Modi is Ravin with 100 heads,” said the prime minister.

Gujarat voted today in the first round of the two-phase election. The second phase is Monday.

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