CCTV shows 3 girls trapped in society UP for 20 minutes, case filed – Flying Journals

According to the police complaint, they were trapped for 20-25 minutes.


Three young girls were seen crying and despairing in CCTV footage after they were trapped in a lift for almost 25 minutes in an apartment building in Ghaziabad, near Delhi. Police have opened a case against the builder of the apartment.

The incident took place at the “Assotech The Nest” society in Ghaziabad.

Surveillance footage from Nov. 29 shows the girls, about eight or nine years old, panicking in an elevator and trying to call for help. A parent complained to the police that they were trapped for 20-25 minutes and their lives were in danger.

The girls were seen trying to force open the elevator doors, frantically pressing buttons to call for help and trying to comfort each other. They can also be seen crying and comforting each other.

In the police complaint, the father of one of the eight-year-old girls claimed that people were routinely stuck in the building’s elevators and that their multiple complaints fell on deaf ears. “This poses a serious risk to children and the elderly and could result in a serious accident,” the complaint said. Parents added that children are now afraid to use elevators.

Such incidents of residents being trapped in elevators are becoming more and more common in the Delhi-NCR region, especially Noida and Ghaziabad, where hundreds of new construction projects have sprung up in recent years.

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