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The attack on Aaftab Poonawala took place tonight.

New Delhi:

A police car carrying Aaftab Amin Poonawala – accused of the horrific murder of his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar in Delhi – was attacked by a group of men with swords this evening. Sources said police managed to get the situation under control and Poonawala was safe.

Poonawala was taken back to the prison in a police car from the forensic science laboratory in Sidhi after the second polygraph test, sources said.

The attack took place outside the FSL building.

The men parked in front of the police car, blocking it, the source said. Five men then got out of the car, brandished swords, and took aim at the van. Police drew their weapons and fired into the air, sources said. No one was injured and two of the attackers have been taken into custody.

They claimed their names were Nigam Gujjar and Kuldeep Thakur and they were residents of Gurugram.They also claim they are members of the Hindu Sena – the police are verifying this

HIndu Sena has denied any connection to the incident. A statement from the group read: “Regardless of their personal feelings about what these activists are doing, the entire country is watching how Aftab chopped a Hindu girl into pieces. In our view, the group does not support Any such work which is contrary to the constitution of India is under the laws of India”.

Poonawala’s lawyer told NDTV: “I will go to court to seek protection for Aaftab.”

Poonawala claims that he killed Shraddha during a violent altercation. He later cut the body into 35 pieces and, after storing them in the freezer for a few days, dumped them at various locations in Derry. Fewer than 20 parts have been recovered and sent for DNA testing.

He also admitted murder in court, but this was not counted as evidence because the proceedings were for a hearing extending police remand.

The results of a polygraph test or drug analysis, which will be carried out later, will also not be admissible in court.

There are no key witnesses in the case. Currently, the police have only circumstantial evidence of a horrific crime that has shocked the nation.

Poonawala has been being held in his Prison 4 in Tihar, under 24/7 camera surveillance.

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