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A video of a student beating a teacher has gone viral on the Internet.


A university teacher in Karnataka state was suspended last week for comparing Muslim students to “terrorists” in class. A video of a student fighting back against a teacher has gone viral.

The incident took place at the Manipal Institute of Technology in Udipi on Friday.

The professor was reported to have asked his students his name and, upon hearing a Muslim name, blurted out: “Oh, you are like Kasab!” Ajmal Kasab was the only Pakistani terrorist captured alive after the Mumbai attacks of 26/11, He was executed in 2012.

In a widely circulated video, the student was heard confronting the professor and accusing him of denigrating his religious beliefs by comparing him to terrorists.

“26/11 is not funny. As a Muslim in this country, it’s not funny to face it every day, sir. You can’t make fun of my religion, and you can’t make fun of it in such a derogatory way. It’s not funny, sir, it’s No,” the student yelled as the teacher tried to play down an over-the-top comment.

“You are like my son…” the professor said, trying to reassure the students.

“Would you talk to your son like that? Would you call him by a terrorist’s name?” the student replied.

When the professor said “no,” the student continued: “Then how can you call me that in front of so many people? You’re a professional, you teach. Sorry doesn’t change your mind or image of yourself here. “

I heard the teacher apologize flatly.

The other students watched the exchange silently.

After the video went viral, the college suspended the teacher and ordered an investigation. The student was counseled, the institute said.

“The college has launched an investigation into the incident and the individuals involved have been banned from class until the investigation is concluded. We want everyone to know that the college does not condone this type of behavior and will deal with this isolated incident in accordance with established policy,” its statement said. It also claims that it is proud of the diversity on campus and is committed to upholding the constitutional value of treating everyone equally.

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