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The videos have become a flashpoint between BJP and AAP ahead of Delhi Citizens’ Body polls.

New Delhi:

Jailed Aam Aadmi Party minister Satyendar Jain may be brewing new troubles as another CCTV video of his prison cell shows him entertaining guests and also includes a visit from the now-suspended head of Tihar Prison.

The nearly 10-minute-long clip, which began around 8 p.m. on Sept. 12, shows Jain relaxing in bed when three men in civilian clothes visit, according to a timestamp. Minutes later, Ajit Kumar, then the warden of Prison No. 7, walked in and interacted with Mr Jain, while others walked out.

He had earlier been seen in his cell receiving a massage from a man and chatting with other inmates, which are not allowed inside the prison. He was also seen eating fruit salad, calling into question his complaints about the quality of prison food.

While the AAP claimed these were “physiotherapy sessions” recommended by his doctors following his spinal surgery, that claim was refuted by sources who said the “masseur” was an inmate accused of raping his own daughter.

The videos have become a flashpoint between the BJP and the AAP ahead of next month’s Delhi Citizens’ Body polls, which demanded Mr Jain be removed from Tihar jail on the grounds of “special treatment”. BJP leaders have flooded social media with security camera footage on an almost daily basis to back up their allegations that the AAP rallied against corruption and “VIP treatment” and in fact indulged in the same behaviour. They accused Mr Jain of receiving special allowances while awaiting trial.

The clips began to surface days after the Enforcement Bureau accused Mr Jain, who was arrested in a money laundering case, of receiving special treatment inside the Tihar prison. Allegations of “VIP treatment” led to the transfer of at least 12 Tihar Prison officials, in addition to Director General (Prison) Sandeep Goel.

Mr Jain has been in prison since June. A Delhi court last week rejected his bail request.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal came out on Thursday to defend his minister Satyendar Jain, saying his treatment in prison was according to the rules.

“There is no VVIP facility for Satyendar Jain in the prison. All he gets is according to the prison manual. The man is eating roti and you ask him why he is eating roti. What kind of politics is this?” Mr Kejriwal said at the NDTV town hall.

Mr Kejriwal turned the accusation on Home Minister Amit Shah, claiming he enjoys privileges in prisons in Gujarat.

“If you want to see VVIP culture in prison, check out the CBI charge sheet about when Amit Shah was in jail. They built him a luxury prison. In Satyendar Jain’s case, the court said nothing about VVIP culture. Mention – will the courts decide or you or the BJP decide what is VVIP culture?” Mr Kejriwal said.

In 2010, Amit Shah was arrested and briefly jailed on charges of the extrajudicial execution of mafia criminal Sohrabuddin Sheikh. The case against him was dropped in 2014 due to lack of evidence.

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