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Why Bisleri owner's daughter refuses to run Rs 7,000 crore company: 5 points

Vice Chairman of Bisleri International Jayanti Chauhan.

Businessman Ramesh Chauhan is looking for a buyer for his packaged water company, Bisleri International, and is in talks with various parties. He told news agency PTI that his daughter Jayanti was not interested in handling the business.

Here are five things to know about Jayanti Chauhan:

  1. The current Vice Chairman of Bisleri International spent most of her childhood in Delhi, Mumbai and New York City. After high school, Ms. Chauhan studied product development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She later moved to Milan to study fashion styling at Istituto Marangoni.

  2. according to Official website Bisleri, she is popularly known as “JRC”. At the age of 24, she began her journey in the company under the guidance and leadership of her father.

  3. “She was in charge of the Delhi office, where she started from the ground up and took on the challenge of refurbishing factories and automating various processes. Ms Chauhan also restructured departments such as Human Resources, Sales and Marketing to build stronger teams. She took charge of the Mumbai office in 2011,” the website further states.

  4. Ms. Chauhan is involved in the smooth operation of Bisleri Mineral Water, Vedica Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas, Fizzy Fruit Drinks and Bisleri Hand Purifier. She is also said to be actively working in advertising and communications development at Bisleri.

  5. “She has been leading the sales and marketing teams, ensuring market penetration and building brand equity. She has been the driving force behind Bisleri’s new brand identity and growing product portfolio,” the website continues.

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