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Viramgam (Gujarat) / Ahmedabad:

Hardik Patel, a young Patidar community leader who is now a BJP candidate, said today that his former party congress had no vision for Gujarat. “Rahul Gandhi has been busy with his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ in the south,” he said, emphasizing that the Congress top leader’s marquee march was not polled in Gujarat. Congress “never stops anyone from leaving”, he told NDTV, mocking that the party “doesn’t need Gujarati”.

Running for his first election — having recently joined the governing BJP after resigning as Gujarat’s Congress jobs chief — he denies fear of being jailed for pending cases, including some from the days of the Patidar quota turmoil, This made him change his position.

“I still have 32 cases on me. If you think joining a political party will get me out of these, no. The law and the courts are independent,” said the 29-year-old, who did not attend the previous The election does not meet the minimum age standard of 25 years.

“I had to make a decision because Congress has been against Gujarati. I told them not to speak against businessmen,” he said, repeating his assertion that the party’s state unit was “hesitating” whether to Ayodhya of Ram Temple construction donation UP.

“How will the people of Gujarat like you if you don’t take a stand on issues involving the people of Gujarat?”

He said no one tried to stop him when he left Congress earlier this year: “Congress doesn’t need hardworking people like us. It just needs sycophants.”

He denies that changing parties means changing his ideology. “What is an ideology? It is nothing more than a public service ethos. I have had the same ideology from the beginning,” he said, having a family relationship with the BJP. “My father helped establish the BJP in the Viramgram area. He was a The office-head of the party.”


Not so long ago, Hardik Patel was serving in Congress. When he left office in mid-2022, he said he had wasted three years of his political career in the party. (document)

On Viramgram, Hardik Patel laid out the reasons why he thinks he will win the seat that has held the MLA in Congress for 10 years, saying he is pinning his hopes on local anti-incumbents and “people against Prime Minister Naren growing trust in Narendra Modi and the BJP”.

“People are angry with Congress,” he said, adding that no one had opposed the BJP government for 27 consecutive years.

On community arithmetic, he said the Patel-Patidar community “has been the BJP’s vote bank”. “Even when there was turmoil in 2017 (elections), 60 percent of Patidars voted for the BJP because they couldn’t trust Congress,” he claimed.

He dismissed the idea that this time the AAP could turn it into a triangular race. “The BJP won more than 150 seats (out of 182). We don’t care if the AAP and Congress are fighting each other,” he said, sticking to the party line.

He acknowledged rising prices and job losses could be problems, but attributed these to “national and global economic conditions”. “The BJP has made a serious effort. Gujarat is the best in job creation,” he said.

Asked about the Morby Bridge collapse last month, which killed more than 130 people, he said that if someone was found to have caused an accident through negligence or corruption, “there should be discipline”.

Meanwhile, Congress, which has held some rallies amid Rahul Gandhi’s low-key campaign, said the relatively modest push would capture a “strong undercurrent”.

Milind Deora, the party’s state poll watcher, told news agency PTI that “in the 2017 polls, there were issues such as Patidar agitation, demonetization and GST, which led to public demonstrations against the government.”

He said there was a very “strong undercurrent” against the state government this time around and that Congress was running a very local, personal and orthodox campaign, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had alluded to at this point.

Congress increased its share last time, winning 99 of the 182 seats, though some of its MLAs have since resigned and left.

The poll was held on December 1 and 5 and the results will be announced on December 8 and for Himachal Pradesh on November 12.

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