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Supporters of the Congress party led by Gandhi marched from Borgaon in Kandwa today

MP Khandeva:
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attended his Bharat Jodo Yatra journey through Madhya Pradesh this morning with his sister and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Here are the top 10 points of the big story

  1. The Yatra, which started on September 7, completed its Maharashtra journey yesterday and entered BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh. Congress supporters headed by the Gandhi family marched from Borgaon in Kandwa today. Before heading to Khargone, they will visit the birthplace of freedom fighter and tribal icon Tantia Bheel.

  2. When Congress tried to reach out to tribal communities, the BJP was ready to fight back. The ruling party launched the Janjatiya Gaurav Yatra yesterday at Tantya Bhee’s birthplace. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and four ministers attended the start of the parade.

  3. Yesterday, Mr Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP, accusing the party of bribing MLAs to overthrow the Kamarnath-led Congress government after winning state polls in 2018. “We won elections in Madhya Pradesh. But they paid 20-25 crores to 20-25 corrupt MLAs and bought them off,” he said in Burhanpur.

  4. He went on to say that Congress was forced to activate the Bharat Jodo Yatra because “all avenues to democracy are closed” under the BJP-led central government. “Lok Sabha, electoral lines, media – everything is closed. All agencies – RSS/BJP are cornering them and filling them with their own people. Judiciary is under pressure. So we see only one option .Get on the road, embrace the people, listen to the farmers, listen to the laborers and small businessmen and join them,” he added.

  5. He said that the yatra has three goals. “First, it’s about the hatred, violence and fear that’s spreading in India. Second, it’s about unemployment. Third, it’s about inflation,” he said.

  6. From Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu to Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, the 3,570km march will pass through the five Lok Sabhas of Madhya Pradesh in a desperate attempt by Congress to win support for the 2024 general election. seats and 26 parliamentary sections. Most of it is held by the BJP.

  7. Sharing a photo of the Gandhi siblings, the official head of the Congress tweeted in Hindi, “Our steps are stronger when we walk together.” Madhya Pradesh Congress Supreme Leader Kamal Na Te and Digwijaya Singh also joined the pilgrimage.

  8. BJP leaders in the state deny their yatra is aimed at countering the Congress march. “Unlike Congress, we don’t start the pilgrimage just before elections. Our rallies are planned in advance,” said Ram Dangore, a BJP MLA from Pandhana.

  9. Rahul Gandhi’s pilgrims will next enter Rajasthan, where big trouble is brewing for Congress. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Congress Supreme Leader Sachin Pilot led an insurgency that nearly toppled the government in 2020, and the factional rivalry reached crisis point again.

  10. A community group has threatened to disrupt the pilgrimage if Mr Pilot is not named chief minister of Rajasthan. However, the Congress leader has distanced himself from the threat and accused the BJP of trying to create “riots”.

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