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After an altercation, the MLA was beaten.

New Delhi:

The BJP, which accused Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi party of selling tickets for the upcoming referendum elections, was hit today after a video showing an AAP MLA being beaten went viral on social media. The BJP claimed it was a backlash against ticket sales by AAP workers, which was hotly contested by MLA Gulab Singh Yadav. Arvind Kejriwal’s party has yet to comment on the issue.

The trouble arose when Mr Yadav, who represents Mathiala in the Delhi assembly, held a meeting with Shyam Vihar’s party members at around 8pm, sources said.

It’s unclear what the altercation was about, but during the heated exchange, angry workers began manhandling the MLA, grabbing him by the collar and pushing him. When Mr Yadav tried to rush out, the workers ran after him, punching and kicking him. The MLA was finally seen fleeing, with workers in hot pursuit.

Among those who shared the video was the BJP’s Sambit Patra.

“An unprecedented scene within the party indulges in the dramatic drama of ‘honest politics’. The AAP is so corrupt that even their members don’t spare their MLAs! Similar results await them in the upcoming MCD polls, “He made the 1.30-minute cut.

The BJP’s Delhi unit claimed that Mr Yadav was beaten by AAP workers for selling tickets.

Shortly after, the MLA tweeted to refute the BJP’s allegations.

“BJP has gone mad. It is making baseless accusations of selling tickets. I am now at Chhawla police station. I see BJP corporate and BJP candidates from this constituency showing up at the police station to save those people (his assailants) .What greater proof is there? The media is here and has to ask the BJP,” read a rough translation of his Hindi tweet.

Earlier today, the BJP released what they claim is a stinging video proving that the AAP is selling tickets for the referendum.

Mr Patra told reporters that the video was filmed by an AAP volunteer from North West Delhi who was asked to pay Rs 80,000 for the entrance fee. He added that the stinging video showed 110 AAP tickets being kept for distribution in exchange for money.

Arvind Kejriwal, who is campaigning for upcoming parliamentary elections in Gujarat, dismissed the claims.

“BJP publishes ‘manohar kahaniyan’ daily (referring to a popular magazine of fictional stories). It has come up with a decoy operation. People of Delhi ask what they have done in Municipal Corporation (MCD) for 15 years and they have no answer. People of Gujarat They are asking what they have done for 27 years, but they have no answer,” Mr Kejriwal told reporters.

AAP has been running an upbeat campaign to seize power in the Delhi referendum. After three consecutive terms in BJP, the party is pinning its hopes on anti-incumbents. Mr Kejriwal announced the “10 Guarantees” from rubbish removal to timely payment of salaries for MCD staff.

More important are the elections in Gujarat, where the AAP has positioned itself as the main contender against the BJP that has ruled the state since 1995.

The referendum in Delhi will be held on December 4 and the results will be known on December 7. The Gujarat assembly elections will be held from December 1 to 5, with vote counting to be held on December 8.

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