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Aaftab Poonawala admits murder of Shraddha Walkar in court

He also claimed that anything said about him now is “not entirely true”.

New Delhi:
The Saket court today extended police custody by four days after Aaftab Poonawala appeared via video conference at a special hearing. He was taken to court as his five-day custody expired today.

Here’s your 10-point guide to the big story:

  1. Aaftab Ameen Poonawala, accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walkar, admitted in a Delhi court today that he killed her “on a whim”. He also claimed that anything said about him now is “not entirely true”.

  2. Aftab, 28, said he had been cooperating with police and provided a map of where he had dumped the body parts. He assured the court he would give all the details but was unable to recall many things due to the length of time.

  3. Aaftab’s lawyer, Avinash, said police sought an extension of the detention, saying investigators had received Aaftab’s sketches of the pond and they wanted to take him there for further investigation. “Aaftab told the court that he was cooperating with the police and that the police had treated him well. He said he did not mislead them or lie to them. The police did not challenge his account in court,” he added.

  4. During the interrogation, Aaftab said he threw the saw and blade used to chop up Shraddha’s body into the bushes at the third stage of the DLF, Delhi police sources said. The bushes were checked twice by Delhi Police. Sources said he threw the meat cleaver into a dumpster on the 100ft road in Mehrauli, south Delhi.

  5. After the first day of investigation, last Friday, Delhi Police collected some evidence from the bushes in Gurgaon, which has been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory for investigation. The next day, last Saturday, Delhi Police went to Gurgaon with metal detectors but returned empty-handed. They also took Aftab to a shop where he bought saw blades, only 250 meters from Aftab’s home.

  6. Police recovered more human remains in the Mehrauli Forest on Sunday. So far, they have sent 13 bones, the base of a skull and a decapitated jaw for forensic examination to match DNA samples from Shraddha’s father. The next few days will be crucial for the investigation as key evidence in the case is still missing.

  7. Police recovered heavy, sharp cutting tools from Aaftab’s flat last week, which they suspect may have been used to chop up Shraddha Walkar’s body. They also found a heavy black polyethylene bag at Aaftab’s Gurugram workplace.

  8. With no witnesses, the investigation into the murder of the six-month-old depends on forensic reports, call data and circumstantial evidence, the sources said.

  9. Shraddha and Aaftab moved to Delhi in May and four days later, after a dispute over fees and infidelity, he strangled her to death, then cut her body into 35 pieces, put them in a freezer and died in the jungle over 18 years old. processing days, police said.

  10. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) said Aaftab’s drug analysis test would not take place on Monday because he had to take a polygraph test before then.

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