Mangaluru Auto Blast alleges Shareeq’s home searched, bomb squad at scene – Flying Journals

Police found a “burned out pressure cooker with batteries” inside the motor vehicle.

A search was carried out at the home of a man suspected of being involved in an auto rickshaw bombing in Karnataka last night. Shareeq, who was injured in the blast, is being treated in hospital. Preliminary investigations indicated he had terrorist links, police said.

Here are the top 10 points in the big story:

  1. The blast occurred in the coastal town of Mangaluru, 370 kilometers from the state capital Bengaluru, months before state elections.

  2. The passenger of the motor-rickshaw, Shareeq, was carrying a low-level improvised explosive device, or IED, police said. A burnt-out pressure cooker with batteries was found in the car.

  3. This morning, police confirmed it was “an act of terror intended to cause havoc”. Karnataka police are investigating the matter together with central agencies.

  4. Police said Shareeq was too ill to make a statement. The driver of the car was also injured and is currently being treated in hospital.

  5. Police said Shareeq was also carrying an Aadhaar card that did not belong to him. The owner of the card has been found. Premraj Hutagi, a resident of Hubballi district in Karnataka state and working as a track maintainer at Tumakuru railway station, said he lost the card and got a copy.

  6. Citing the “stolen” Aadhaar card, police said it made it “clear to them that he (Shareeq) was planning to target something, but we don’t know what”. “We are not ruling out his connection to the recent Coimbatore bombings,” said state police chief Praveen Sood. Police said Shareeq had previously been arrested under the Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) is registered.

  7. Mr Sood said the man was from Karnataka state and had traveled outside the state in the past few months. “He recently went to Coimbatore and parts of Tamil Nadu. He was going somewhere,” he added.

  8. This afternoon, police searched a house rented by Shareeq in Madahalli, about 13 kilometers from Mysore. Bomb disposal teams were also deployed in the area. Police say he rented a single room last month and told the owner he was in town for “mobile phone repair training”.

  9. The man also bought a SIM card from Coimbatore but it was not in his name, police said. “The location of the tower shows that he has traveled across Tamil Nadu. His call logs are being checked for his accomplice who is Tamil Nadu,” said an intelligence agency source.

  10. “The State Police have launched an in-depth investigation into yesterday’s motor vehicle bombing in Mangalore, suspecting that it may be a terrorist incident. The Central Investigation Team will also be joining forces with the State Police,” Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said. .

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