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Shraddha has bruises on her face in pictures she shared with friends.

Mumbai/New Delhi:

Shraddha Walkar, who told her colleague about the assault of her boyfriend Aftab Poonawala two years ago, Karan said today that he was under the impression that they broke up after the police and Aftab’s parents intervened. Karan said he tried to help her at the time and continued to check on her for several weeks, but now it is in the news that Aftab is suspected of murdering Shraddha in May this year.

“November 2020 was the first time I knew about domestic violence. Before that, she was often on sick leave,” said Karan, her team manager, who was working at a call center near her hometown of Vasai in Mumbai.

“In a chat on WhatsApp, I asked her to send me a picture. I was devastated and heartbroken to see someone treat her so roughly. She had a bruise under her right eye…and on her neck,” she said. He said NDTV. “A friend who helped her later I contacted also told me she had burn marks on her stomach.”

Screenshots of their chats show that in addition to helping her get closer to the police, he offered to help her – saying she could be with his mother and sister for immediate safety. He said he knew Shraddha and Aftab were married because she called him her husband.

“After she called the police, she lodged a written complaint. But at the same time, she spoke to Aftab and he told her that he would do something to himself (if she left). She also went to his parents’ place and they told him would move out of the house (which he shared with Shraddha), he would cut off all contact and never harass her. Only after that did it occur to her not to lodge a complaint with the police,” Karan said.

“I follow up every week or two to make sure she’s safe, to make sure she doesn’t go through the same thing again. We’re under the impression he’s not with her anymore,” he added.

“I didn’t know how they got back together. I didn’t know she had moved to Derry. I didn’t know until it was all in the news,” he added.

Shraddha, 26, and Aftab, 28, both call center workers, moved to Delhi in May and four days later, after another argument over fees and infidelity, he strangled her and later cut her body into pieces. 35, he police said, kept in the freezer and processed in the bush for more than 18 days.

In the past month, her father – who has not spoken to her since May 2021 because he disapproved of her interfaith (Hindu-Muslim) relationship with Aftab – called the police after being alerted by her friend He said she had also lost touch with them for months.

When she left in March 2021, she told Karan she had found a new job at a content writing company that would provide her with travel opportunities. “I’m happy for her because she has enough time to make her career. She’s young, 23 or 24.”

A month before changing jobs, she had told doctors about her depression and how her boyfriend, Aftab, was violent over minor issues. She told him she feared he would hurt her, himself, or both.

Callan said he has not yet received a call from the police, but “if they contact me, I would be willing to help”.

“I just want to tell all the girls who live alone – this has nothing to do with religion, be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, any race or caste – don’t isolate yourself; stay in touch with friends and family at all times,” he said . “There’s always someone there to support you. It’s best to get out of an abusive relationship.”

On November 17, Aftab was sentenced to five days in police custody by a Delhi court as police said key evidence such as identifiable body parts, the knife he used, clothes worn on the day of the murder and Shraddha’s phone were found.

Police were also given permission to conduct a drug analysis, a chemical-based polygraph test that could lead to physical evidence and corroborate his alleged confession.

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