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Bangladesh BJP wants new governor to act like Jagdeep Dhankhar, says this

“I am sure that the path shown by Jagdeep Dhankhar will be followed,” said BJP MLA Manoj Tigga.


With the new governor of West Bengal being appointed, all eyes are on the challenges the new governor will face, especially after the state’s BJP unit expressed displeasure at the absence of La Ganesan, who was serving as the extra head of Bengal. Relationship with state government.

The BJP’s state department pointed to incumbent Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, who has often clashed with Mamata Banerjee and is seen as friendly to the BJP, as a model of how a governor should behave.

“The governor is the highest constitutional office in the state. We cannot say what he will do, but Jagdeep Dhankhar ji has shown the role that a governor can play. Just like TN Seshan showed the role of an election commission should be. I believe what Jagdeep Dhankhar has shown The path will be followed,” BJP MLA Manoj Tigga told NDTV.

Mr Tigga said he wanted the relationship between the Premier and the state government to be “cordial and pleasant”, adding they did not want the state government to stand still.

“We want the state to progress. We want the state government to have a good relationship with the centre. And work with the center to promote the state’s progress,” he added.

State Assembly Opposition Leader Suvendu Adhikari said he was “very hopeful” that the incoming governor would follow in Mr Dhankhar’s footsteps.

“After his appointment, based on what we know about him, we very much hope that he will do what former West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar did to uphold the constitution and change the status quo in Bengal. However, it is not my place to comment until he takes office. What should he do,” he told reporters.

Earlier this week, NDTV reported Suvendu Adhikari’s displeasure at La Ganesan – the governor has additional responsibilities for Bangladesh following the departure of Jagdeep Dhankhar – who was not present at Raj Bhavan to receive the BJP delegation, and Jagdeep Dhankhar was always helpful to, and encourage.

Trinamool Congress also said it wanted a good relationship with the governor. Tapas Roy, Deputy Chief Whip of the State Government Legislative Assembly told NDTV, “I think this time the new governor will have a friendly relationship with the democratically elected government of Bangladesh. I think he will work within the constitutional framework and we will also pay respect to the governor. In the past, we The relationship with the governor has been excellent and we hope to continue that relationship.”

Newly appointed West Bengal Governor CV Ananda Bose believes that the governor’s role is to act as a “rainbow bridge” between the state and the center to “resolve all conflicts” between Raj Bhavan and the TMC government through “the right solution”.

Mr Bose, who was appointed as Bengal governor on Thursday, said differences between Raj Bhawan and the state government should not be seen as conflicts but as “differences of opinion” as the two are complementary institutions.

“I prefer conflict resolution because every problem has a solution and we should find the right solution. We should be able to bring all players in the game together. So I would say the constitutional expectation — that the governor has to recognize way, lead the way and go ahead,” he told news agency PTI in a phone interview.

These comments matter because communication between Raj Bhavan and the government is completely broken and relations between Jagdeep Dhankhar and the state government are terrible. Mr Dhankhar has often clashed with the state government, with the ruling Trinamool Congress accusing him of making Raj Bhavan an extension of the state’s BJP office. Mr Dhankhar responded that he was only performing his duty to uphold the Constitution and acting in accordance with the powers given to the Governor General.

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