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New Delhi:

Enforcement Director SK Mishra was given another one-year extension, his third term. With this extension, he will have five years to complete next year.

In 2020, Mr. Mishra became the first to extend his service for a year. The second extension came days after the administration passed an executive order extending the terms of the heads of investigative agencies.

Before the extension, the head of the central agency served a two-year term. The decree makes it possible for them to work in one position for five years.

Mr. Mishra, who was due to retire the day after the ordinance, was extended until November 18, 2022, or until further notice, read the government order.

His first extension was first filed on November 13, 2020, but was challenged in the Supreme Court.

But the judge declined to intervene, saying the CVC Act did not limit terms to two years and could be extended to end ongoing cases.

The provision to extend the terms of the heads of investigative agencies has been attacked by the opposition. Many political parties, including Congress and the Trinamool Congress, see it as a ruse to reward officials who follow the government line.

Congress said the government’s use of the Department of Education and the CBI as “servants to usurp power and destabilize elected governments” is now being rewarded.

The ED enforces two main laws in the country to check for black money – the Criminal Money Laundering Prevention Act and the Foreign Exchange Control Act. The agency’s chief post is an additional secretary-level post in the Coalition government.

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