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Shraddha Walkar’s father said it was her relationship because they did not speak out.

New Delhi:

Shraddha Walkar’s father said on Wednesday he could barely bring himself to hear the confession of Aftab Poonawala after his daughter was murdered in Delhi by her common-law partner in a horrific crime that shocked the nation.

“He confessed in front of me. The policeman asked him, ‘Do you know him’? He said, ‘Yes, he is Shraddha’s father’. Then he immediately started saying that Shraddha was gone. I fell there. I could go back Couldn’t hear it either. Then he was taken away. I didn’t have the conditions to hear it,” Vikas Walkar told NDTV.

Even when the police first told him what happened to Shraddha, he said he couldn’t stand it. “I was flabbergasted. Couldn’t even hear the details. It was overwhelming to go into their apartment. It was horrible,” he said.

Mr Walkar recalled how Aftab was “totally normal” when he had previously spoken to him, and how he became suspicious when the man took no responsibility for Shraddha’s disappearance.

“I asked him why you didn’t tell me sooner because you guys have been living together for 2.5 years. I need to know about it [that Shraddha is missing] from friends. He begrudgingly said, since we’re not in a relationship now, why should I tell you,” he said.

“That’s when I started to suspect that something was wrong. I told the police he was lying about everything. If he fell in love with her and lived with her for 2.5 years, it was his responsibility – to take care of her. How could he say it’s not my responsibility to take care of her,” he said.

Mr Walkar said this was Shraddha’s relationship with Aftab, so they hadn’t spoken since mid-2021.

“I met him in 2020. My first reaction was Shraddha, ‘I don’t like this game’. Don’t marry this guy. I want you to marry someone from our community,” he said.

“Whenever he comes home, he acts normal. If I had known, I would have tried to convince her to end the relationship … he should have only received the death penalty,” Mr Walkar said.

Shraddha, 26, was strangled to death by Aftab, 28, after a dispute over fees and infidelity allegations in May, and he cut her body into 35 pieces, stored them in a freezer and dumped the pieces in the forest over 18 days, said the police.

Details of the crime emerged earlier this week after police managed to unravel his web of lies and extract a confession, turning the missing persons case into a chilling saga that brought domestic violence and relationship abuse to the national spotlight focus.

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