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New Delhi:

A university friend of Shraddha Walkar said she was a victim of domestic violence, and her brutal murder in Delhi by her common-law partner Aftab Poonawala shocked the nation. Friend Rajat Shukla also recalled the SOS messages she sent months before she was killed.

“She was physically abused. She told her best friend about it. Because we were part of the same circle of friends, we were told the same thing,” Rajat Shukla told NDTV.

Aftab, 28, strangled Shraddha, 26, in May and cut her body into 35 pieces before storing them in a 300-litre fridge he rented in Chhatarpur, South Delhi, before storing them within 18 days. dumped in the nearby forest.

He killed Shraddha after a marital fight and the idea of ​​cutting her body into pieces was inspired by the TV show “Dexter”, which he confessed to police during his interrogation.

Mr Shukla added: “It started with some complications and the beating started. She shared it with her best friend. However, she continued to be with him. She said she wanted to leave him but she didn’t leave.”

Mr Shuradha, who met Shraddha at university in 2015, said she feared for her life. “She (Shraddha) asked her childhood friend to save her, otherwise she would be found dead,” he said.

Aftab and Shraddha met on the dating app Bumble and after three years together, the relationship ended in a gruesome murder.

With tears in his eyes, Rajat Shukla remembered Shraddha as a very active girl “with sparks all over her”. “But then the man came and took her away,” he said.

Mr Shukla said Aftab appeared to be a “normal person” and was very “difficult to decipher”.

Aftab evaded detection for six months and continued to live in the house they shared, only to be arrested on Saturday after details of the killing and its horrific aftermath emerged during his interrogation.

He allegedly used her Instagram account and messaged her friends to cover up the murder.

The victim’s Mumbai-based father filed the complaint in September, more than two months after telling a friend of hers that Shraddha’s phone had been switched off.

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