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Derry murders: Neighbors claim they saw multiple women coming to his house.

New Delhi:
The CBI’s forensics team arrived at Mehrauli Police Station in Delhi today to examine refrigerators and other evidence related to the tragic murder of Shraddha Walkar, 26. Police investigations so far have revealed chilling details of the case.

Here are 10 recent developments in the case:

  1. Delhi Police today took Aftab to a forested area where he allegedly threw Shraddha’s body parts. The search and rescue operation lasted three hours and at least 10 bodies were recovered.

  2. On Tuesday, the victim’s father Vikas Walker demand the death penalty Aftab Ameen Poonawala, 28, also suspects that there is a “love jihad” angle behind the incident.

  3. Aftab and Shraddha met through the dating app “Bumble” while working in Mumbai.police Dating apps may be asked for details of his profile Wondering if he brought more women home when he had Shraddha’s body parts in the apartment and if any of them was the trigger for the murder.

  4. As Shraddha insisted on getting married, the couple fought frequently. But on May 18, their battle escalated, Aftab”Sitting on Schrader’s chest and strangling her’, the source said. He allegedly told police that he used “sulfur hypochlorite” to clean up the blood after chopping up Shraddha Walkar’s body.

  5. Sources said Aftab used to sleep in the room where he cut the bodies of his victims.According to reports, he get used to looking at her face After putting it in the fridge, he washed it after removing body parts.

  6. The police also took Aftab to the shop where he claimed to have bought the tools to cut up Shraddha’s body. CCTV footage of the day is no longer available, although Aftab claims he purchased the knife and garbage bags used in the attack from a store.

  7. Neighbors said Aftab came to his home with other women even five months after the alleged murder of his common-law partner. They added that the couple used to remain aloof and not mingle with those around them. They claim they saw multiple women visiting him, even as recently as October.

  8. Tab took another woman to his apartment The murder came days, police said. He often took her home, and Shrada’s body is still in the apartment.

  9. Police are now investigating whether the decision to rent an apartment in the Delhi Chatapur district was part of a conspiracy to murder Shradha in the days before the murder.

  10. Aftab Ameen Poonawala murdered Shraddha Walkar on May 18, the next day he bought a 300 liter freezer to preserve her body, got a weapon that same day, then cut her body into 35 pieces, every morning Scatter them in the forest at 2 o’clock for 18 days a day.

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